Iron Man VR’s Demo For The PSVR Is Now Officially Available

Iron Man VR’s Demo For The PSVR Is Now Officially Available
Credit: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

The PSVR has now been out for nearly 4 years. It has gotten a lot of gamers excited about the potential of VR technology. It’s also a platform that constantly receives great games.

One of the more anticipated in recent memory is Marvel’s Iron Man VR. It lets players take on the role of Iron Man like never before, featuring incredible immersion and non-stop action.

It was originally scheduled to release in February, but was then pushed back to May 15th. Given that the coronavirus pandemic hit pretty hard during this time, it was only a matter of time before it got delayed again.

July 3 is now the hard launch date, which is great because there is finally light at the end of the developmental tunnel. That’s not all. A demo for the game is now available on the PlayStation store.

So if you have a PSVR and want to experience the game’s immersive details for yourself, now’s the perfect time to head on over and claim your free download.

According to demo notes, there will be a total of five missions to experience that are each distinct. A lot of them revolve around training scenarios, which makes sense because it might be difficult using the PSVR’s controls with competency right out of the gate.

Instead, players will get to ease into the novel VR experience and get familiar with their surroundings.

It’s great seeing the wide variety of missions in the demo. They should give you a good representation of what Iron Man VR will play like when it officially releases in a couple of months.

So far based on trailers, this VR title looks like a lot of fun. Iron Man is probably one of the better super heroes you could play as while using VR controls. His flight and combat mechanics should be exciting to learn and master.

If this Marvel VR game is successful, then it could possibly open up the gates for another sequel featuring a different hero. For instance, Thor would be a great playable character because he — like Iron Man — has the ability to fly around.

If you do choose to get this demo, you’ll also be granted a Molten Lava Armor Deco. It seems like the developer’s way of getting people excited about the potential of this VR game. It’s showing a ton of potential. Now Camouflaj just has to deliver a finished product in July.