Iron Man VR Has Unfortunately Been Delayed Indefinitely Because Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Iron Man VR Has Unfortunately Been Delayed Indefinitely Because Of Coronavirus Pandemic
Credit: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically impacted people across the globe. It has forced us into self-quarantine and affected the economy in so many ways. That includes the gaming industry. More and more developers have had to delay major upcoming projects.

One of the more anticipated games of 2020 that has taken a hit is Iron Man VR from Camouflaj. Since the studio can’t carry out operations like they normally do, they’re pushing the release back. In fact, it’s been put on hold indefinitely. Sony cited logistically issues being the main culprit, which makes sense.

It’s just so hard for the developer to dedicate all of their time and resources with the coronavirus pandemic having such a huge impact on even the simplest of daily tasks. The developer feels like it would be an injustice to fans to put out a product that really isn’t ready to see the light of day. Quality assurance departments aren’t firing on all cylinders, and this means delays have to happen until this pandemic can ease up.

If you have a PSVR, this news is probably upsetting. Iron Man VR was originally planned to release May 15. That was just a month away, but alas, the coronavirus has forced the developer to change plans. Now, there is no projected release. Instead, Marvel fans will just have to temper their anticipation until society gets back to normal again.

Although this isn’t ideal, maybe this indefinite delay will give rise to a better VR game. It has already showed a lot of potential from an immersion standpoint. There’s just something so special about flying around as Tony Stark in a modern and powerful suit equipped with limitless possibilities.

The gameplay trailers that we’ve been treated to thus far show competent Iron Man mechanics. You’ll get to fly around in the air, use pulse canons, and dodge attacks like a jet. Iron Man VR is letting fans take on the role of this iconic super hero like never before. A couple of more months in the oven couldn’t be such a bad thing. The developer may be able to refine gameplay and give gamers optimal experiences. That’s the hope at this point, anyway.

It doesn’t seem like there is an end in sight based on current trajectories of this devastating virus. If there’s one thing that gamers can do during this time, it’s stay home and enjoy games currently in their library. With any luck, things will get back to normal sooner rather than later.