Lappi Soft Launches FPS Survival Horror Game Breaking Lockdown

Lappi Soft Launches FPS Survival Horror Game Breaking Lockdown
Credit: Breaking Lockdown via Steam

Publisher and developer Lappi Soft has announced a new action FPS game that was developed during the strict lockdown period across the world due to COVID-19. While many games were unfortunately delaying the release dates of their games, the developer was inspired to create a new experience.

In Breaking Lockdown, the player has to work their way out of a hostile urban environment. The player is at home following social distancing guidelines. A friend frantically calls them for help. Players have no other option than to break lockdown rules and reach their friend before all is lost.

Authorities are aiming for any moving objects and corpses are reanimated and looking to destroy what gets in their path. The player should have stayed home, but it’s too late. They can only move forward.

Lappi Soft describes the game as “when Dying Light meets Silent Hill in a dark alley from Blade Runner.”

Breaking Lockdown contains “die and retry” mechanics, so players can expect to try out different strategies to make it to their end goals.

The game is around 20-30 minutes long and can be completed in one sitting. There’s multiple secret endings plus a specific one for speed-runner players.

The game is available with English audio, subtitles, and interface with French subtitles planned for the future. The game is very short and the price is under $5, making it affordable for anyone who wants to live out lockdown in a new way.

The developer commented on Breaking Lockdown, stating:

Home is where One Starts was my model during the design phase. I loved the fact this story-driven game worked quite well, using simple game mechanics and a restricted environment. So, I set a scene, pitched a plot and started to shoot. The result does not look like its model at all, this is more what happens when Dying Light meets Silent Hill in a dark alley from Blade Runner.

The publisher and developer Lappi Soft is a one-person development studio located in the French Alps. The game was born during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the developer was learning how to create games. The developer was taking the Game Dev Unlocked course from David Wehle course, which led to a full-fledged game now on Steam.

Breaking Lockdown is available now on PC via Steam.