Total War Saga: Troy Gets Multiplayer On November 26th

Total War Saga: Troy Gets Multiplayer On November 26th
Credit: Game Clips And Tips via YouTube

The Trojan War is captured beautifully in Total War Saga: Troy developed by Creative Assembly. This period of time has so much meaning and historical significance and you can experience it all in this latest installment.

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It has a lot of great elements like the spectacular real-time battles and the turn-based mechanics. The only real aspect lacking since it launched is online multiplayer. The developer put it off as to focus more on the campaign. They did say that it would be coming at a later date according to their roadmap for Total War Saga: Troy.

Alas, it’s finally upon us. Multiplayer will be available in just a couple of days (November 26th) and although it’s just a beta, at least players will finally get to take the game online and participate with others like never before.

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With this new addition comes multiplayer battles that support up to eight players. That has the makings for an exciting time as players try to use tactics they’ve picked up in the campaign to best their opponents.

That’s not all. The multiplayer beta also will have a co-op multiplayer campaign and community map support. That should give returning players plenty to mess around with in a game that continues to get better and better.

Considering that this is just the beta, the multiplayer has plenty of room to mature into something even better. The developer will take this time to see how the community responds and implement changes as they see fit within the coming months.

In past installments, the multiplayer portions were well received and where fans really starting appreciating the Total War series. Much is the same with Troy.

It’s not like the base campaign is bad. It’s just often times, players want more of a challenge and they can get this when multiplayer is offered. Players can strategize and gain the upper hand on opponents in highly satisfying battles. It’s a recipe that Total War fans keep coming back for and want in every installment.

The co-op multiplayer campaign should also provide fun experiences for those that want to experience the story based off The Iliad together.

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Creative Assembly has already done a good job at doing the Trojan War justice and creating an intriguing strategy experience, but they now have the chance to further the game to new heights with the multiplayer. Fans have waited anxiously to play with others. Only a couple of more sleeps.