A Total War Saga: Troy Major 1.5.0 Update Introduces The Hephaestus Free DLC And Fixes A Lot Of Issues

A Total War Saga: Troy Major 1.5.0 Update Introduces The Hephaestus Free DLC And Fixes A Lot Of Issues
Credit: Game Clips And Tips via YouTube

The 1.5.0 update for A Total War Saga: Troy is out tomorrow, and it coincides with the Ajax & Diomedes paid DLC and the free Hephaestus DLC.

It also introduces a lot of bug fixes and balance issues that have been raised by the community over the past couple of months.

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First up, the new free god: Hephaestus. This is the god of blacksmiths and volcanoes, and the new temples will let players improve their equipment.

Weapons and armour will be boosted for any new units hired in the province with a temple of Hephaestus, and you can also improve the stats of any existing units.

There’s also a new free Epic Agent, the Divine Craftsman. This unit can be used to upgrade settlements or be placed inside an existing army to grant level four equipment to all units in the army.

Alongside these two additions, they also have an overarching impact on the game. For example, there is a new win condition for Aeneas’s Homeric Victory where you must gain favor with Hephaestus.

New temple chains for the new god are available for both standard and Horde factions, and the new Divine Craftsman agent will be available to recruit from level three of the temple of Hephaestus.

Alongside the introduction of content, the 1.5.0 patch is actually massive in terms of balance changes and bug fixes. The list is several pages long and there’s no chance I can include it all here. These are some highlights.

For example, at the start of the campaign, Salamis will now own Megara at the start of the campaign, armies can now fight night battles at sea, and certain Homeric characters will no longer lose their immortality.

Unit balance and changes have also been introduced, including some fixes for bonuses on centaur units, the Spymaster skill will now apply to hordes, and the Shout Hero skill will now correctly grant its bonus.

The 1.5.0 patch for Troy also includes some performance changes based on recent community feedback. General stability has been improved, and a couple of different crashes have been fixed in the multiplayer campaign.

Overall, the list of changes is HUGE, and you can check out the full patch notes on the official Total War blog. There’s just too many to list here. The main takeaway is that the new DLC and FLC are being introduced tomorrow!

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