Should You Do The Base Icon SBC In FIFA 21? Just Look At The Price Of That SBC…

Should You Do The Base Icon SBC In FIFA 21? Just Look At The Price Of That SBC…
Credit: Electronic Arts

EA isn’t having the best run of it. A series of suspect SBCs and ruining the league SBCs with untradeable packs has left many in the community a little disillusioned (even more than usual.)

The Base Icon Upgrade SBC is now available – quite early from EA, really – and it costs an absolute HUGE pile of coins. Probably upwards of 500k on both consoles, and that’s even when the markets settle a little bit.

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This is almost 100% definitely not worth the cost.


You do get an Icon at the end of SBC.

However, the cost of an 87-rated squad, an 86-rated squad, and two 85s are basically designed to clean you out of coins or untradeable players.

That’s to say if you even get a base icon worth anywhere near 500k. Knowing these fantastic EA pack rates, you’ll likely pack a nice 250k Inzaghi. It’s just not a good idea to gamble with your coins and players in this way.

When you take a look at the Base Icons currently available, you’ll see that the ratio of decent cards vs. cards cheaper than the SBC is pretty massive. Coming in at around 70/20 for cheap cards vs. cards that might vaguely be worth it.

The problem gets even worse when you take a look at the recently-ruined league SBCs. Last year you could have ground out a few high-rated players with the player rewards for the Lib and Sub SBCs. In FIFA 21, there are no players as rewards.

That means you’ll need to either buy high-rated cards or use the untradeable cards from your club. Neither is worth it in this case.

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To make it just that little bit worse for the player, EA gives back a couple of 25k packs for the effort. You would’ve thought – for an 86-rated or 87-rated squad – you might get back at least a few more rare golds.

This Base Icon SBC is pretty much guaranteed to ruin your day, although I imagine a lot of people are going to do it anyway. I’d recommend you just wait a couple of weeks for potentially better SBCs arriving with the Black Friday promo.