Creative Assembly States Awareness Of Game-Breaking Bugs In Total War: Warhammer 2

Creative Assembly States Awareness Of Game-Breaking Bugs In Total War: Warhammer 2
Credit: Total War via YouTube

Creative Assembly made an announcement stating that while they’re well aware of the bugs that are plaguing Total War: Warhammer II that have since been introduced with the entry to the most recent expansion ‘The Shadows and the Blade’, although it doesn’t seem like those suffering from the bugs can expect relief any time soon.

Some may find that Creative Assembly has a history of the idiom ‘two steps forward, one step back’ with their updates and seemingly perpetual DLC’s that often break other mechanics within the title.  Their recent ‘Potion of Speed’ update was well-received, bringing mid to late game turn timers more in line with the penultimate goal of actually completing a campaign instead of starting fresh.

Admittedly, it’s a rare patch that brings the game into a more functional state.  That isn’t to say the game operates poorly, nor is unfun to play; simply that the vast majority of patches tend to bring a litany of bugs and hangs that players must force themselves through, or around, in order to continue.

The most recent DLC is not excluded from this trend, but Creative Assembly has taken to Steam Announcements for their title to inform players that a patch cannot feasibly be expedited to address the recent bugs.  They report that the majority of their development team have only recently come back from the holiday festivities, and they’re decidedly understaffed as such.

They have stated that a patch will be built and published prior to the next Total War: Warhammer II DLC being pushed out, and that they’re aiming to publish the patch ‘within the next few weeks’.

They also state that they fully understand the importance of the bugs, and that some are ultimately game-breaking as the title stands now.  However, there is frankly little to be done if they simply don’t have the resources and manpower necessary to solve the problems.

The majority of the community responded surprisingly positive to the idea that Total War: Warhammer II will keep the bugs for an apparent lengthy period of time, with the most comments being decidedly positive, wishing Creative Assembly well as they take some much needed holiday.  Others were frustrated with aspects being predominantly broken, and near-begging Creative Assembly to beef up their in-house testing prior to pushing new DLCs and patches.

Still, siege engines are currently broken when used in certain ways, Mortal Empires is still fundamentally broken, and certain spells simply disappear when you attempt to use them or upgrade them.  The game in its current state is admittedly not entirely healthy, and it looks like fans will simply need to exhibit patience as Creative Assembly gears up from the holiday break.