Official Total War Twitter Posts Teaser For Upcoming Warhammer 2 DLC – Trailer Tomorrow, Probably!

Official Total War Twitter Posts Teaser For Upcoming Warhammer 2 DLC – Trailer Tomorrow, Probably!
Credit: Total War via YouTube

It’s that time again, the official Total War Twitter has posted a teaser image for the supposed Warhammer 2 DLC arriving in December. It’s a short animated image of an arrow stuck in a log, a rat scurrying past (for the keen-eyed) and a stag in the background.

As is now tradition for Warhammer teasers, a teaser on a Wednesday often means a trailer on Thursday. The community is hyped up for what’s expected to be the announcement of a Wood Elves DLC arriving some time in December.

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The community has spent the last hour trying to figure out everything to figure out from this short trailer, including the rat that scurries past the screen at 30 seconds in. This might be a hint that the new DLC will feature Wood Elves vs Skaven.

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This rumor has been circulating the Total War community since the start of 2020, when speculation about the upcoming DLC began. Some leakers and data-miners have got hold of information that means this DLC is pretty likely.

In the background of the image, there is also a Stag, a hint that the mount might be added for the Wood Elf lords. These ‘Great Stags’ are magical creatures connected deeply to the powerful forests in the Warhammer universe.

You might also be able to see some wisps of smoke, an ethereal-looking entity in the right of the image. The community is already speculating what this might be, but there’s no way of knowing anything concrete until tomorrow’s expected trailer.

Like previous Warhammer teasers, the teaser is usually followed by a trailer the following day. Teaser Wednesday, Trailer Thursday. It has a nice ring to it, so keep your eyes peeled on the Total War Twitter tomorrow.

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Can you see the rat?