EA Adds A Free David Beckham Real Madrid Card You Can Get If You Play FUT Before January 2021

EA Adds A Free David Beckham Real Madrid Card You Can Get If You Play FUT Before January 2021
Credit: EA Sports via YouTube

It was common knowledge that David Beckham would make an appearance in FIFA 21, although no one was sure how EA were going to integrate the English legend’s card into the game.

Today it was revealed you can get your hands on the free David Beckham RM card from Real Madrid if you play FIFA 21 Ultimate Team before January 2021. Yes. It’s a free card. Not an icon, and not a loan. It’s just yours to keep and play with.

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The card is to celebrate David Beckham’s debut at La Liga side Real Madrid in the 2003/2004 season. This means the card – with an English nation and Spanish league – will be easy to link even if it’s not an icon card.

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The card is easy to get – all you need to do is play FIFA 21 before January 15th 2021. This includes a game of FUT Champs, Rivals, a Friendly match or even Volta.

Coming in at 86-rated, the card isn’t exactly INSANELY good, although for a free card it’s a good free addition from EA. This card won’t replace the expected David Beckham icon cards that are supposedly arriving at some point, cards which will probably be higher rated.

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The card comes out on December 15th and will be available until January 2021. Just sign in and play a game and you can add David Beckham to your squad if there’s any space.

The full stats of David Beckham’s card won’t be available until the card is released, although you can expect it to have great shooting, dribbling and free kick stats.