Slash Through Techno Hordes In The Upcoming Game Cyber Shadow – Out This Week

Slash Through Techno Hordes In The Upcoming Game Cyber Shadow – Out This Week
Credit: Cyber-Shadow via Nintendo

Yacht Club Games and solo-developer Aarne “MekaSkul” Hunziker of Mechanical Head Studios have announced the release date of their upcoming title Cyber Shadow. The title will launch on PC and consoles this week.

Cyber Shadow takes place in a world overrun by synthetic life forms. Someone sends Shadow a desperate plea for help. The hero sets off on a journey through Mekacity to find out more about how and why these life forms have taken over. Throughout the journey, Shadow will also uncover his clan’s ancient powers.

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The game is an 8-bit platforming action game with a detailed pixel aesthetic. Players will slash, dash, and leap through carefully designed levels. Precise ninja skills are necessary to make it through the complex locations throughout Mekacity.

While the game was inspired by 8-bit games of the past, there are additional modern touches. They include fluid animation, multilayered parallax backgrounds, and improved game designs for a modern age. Some examples of the impressive animated sequences can be seen on the Cyber Shadow trailer, from the scenes in-between levels to the massive enemies.

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Shadow will battle through more than a dozen apocalyptic bosses that include massive war machines and even synthetic clan rivals. Shadow must work hard to rescue his clan. In doing so, the hero will permanently unlock Ninjitsu skills and abilities to combine them seamlessly.

Secrets are hidden throughout each level, so players should step carefully. Shadow can even return to his old hideouts to search for supplies, items, and other upgrades.

Throughout the game is a gripping story that explains more about Shadow. Players can also watch animatic cinematic story scenes in between each level. Shadow will learn more about who can be trusted in his battle against the synthetics, if he can save his clan, and if he has the power to save the one he loves.

The soundtrack was provided by Enrique Martin and produced by Jake Kaufman. The title itself is available in ten languages, giving more gamers an opportunity to experience the world of Cyber Shadow.

Those interested in the game can preorder the game now from Yacht Club Game’s website for a special price.

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Cyber Shadow launches on January 26 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.