Cyber Shadow Has A New Trailer And Release Window, Yacht Club Games Continues To Release Information On The Upcoming Cyberpunk Game

Cyber Shadow Has A New Trailer And Release Window, Yacht Club Games Continues To Release Information On The Upcoming Cyberpunk Game
Credit: Yacht Club Games via Youtube

Whispers of the upcoming Cyber Shadow have been spilling around the internet ever since its reveal last year. Fans finally had a chance to experience the game at PAX East, and many were immediately ready for the rest of the story. Like other games releasing this year, Cyber Shadow has chosen a retro aesthetic and difficulty that brings back memories of the 90s.

Although set in the far future, this game is a blast from the past. Although the recent live-stream from Yacht Club Games revealed tons of new information about the title, Cyber Shadow is not being developed by that company. It is instead coming from Mechanical Head Studios who are working diligently to have the game out sometime this fall.

Cyber Shadow is a ninja action game that plays like a 2D platformer experience. The game got its first story trailer and a simultaneous announcement from Yacht Club Games that a new Shovel Knight game is on the way.

Even without Yacht Club Game’s direct hand in the game’s devlopment, it is still taking inspiration from NES and SNES era games. There is even an expected Shovel Knight crossover built-in for players who use the amiibo while playing this title on the Switch. By scanning the amiibo in none other then Shovel Knight will leap out and aid Shadow on the field of battle.

In Cyber Shadow, you play as a techno-ninja named Shadow, who must face off against tons of different robots. The ninja protagonist must jump from cliffs, swim, fight, and discover the key to his quest.

The trailer shows the hero finding a locket and even fighting some giant robot bosses, but there is still very little information as to his actual mission in this world. Although the combat looks awesome many are looking for more information about the world and the adventure set to be had.

The game’s website says that Cyber Shadow is in a future world run by synthetic lifeforms. Shadow travels through the ruins of Mekacity as he tries to discover what came of the world and how it ended up in its current state.

Like any good Metroid-style adventure, there will be tons of upgrades, tricky combats, and skillful jumping to be had. This game looks like a fun time for anyone who enjoyed the classic games from the NES era.

Cyber Shadow is planned for a fall 2020 release. It will appear on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. There is already a confirmation that the game will be available through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for both PC and Xbox One.