WWE 2K20 Patch 1.03, Meant To Fix Bugs And Crashes, Erases Players’ Save Data

WWE 2K20 Patch 1.03, Meant To Fix Bugs And Crashes, Erases Players’ Save Data
Credit: WWE 2K20 Website

If you were to say that the WWE 2K20 launch has been rough, I would go out and buy you a dictionary so you could learn some harsher words. The WWE 2K20 launch has been an absolute disaster and somehow, in an attempt to make things better, 2K is making things worse.

When the game launched in October, it came riddled with bugs; some minor, some severe. Certain elements of the game look funny. Sometimes the game crashes. It has been an all-around bad time. The folks at 2K have now pushed out the 1.03 patch in an effort to fix some of those very bugs. That’s a good thing, right? It would be if it worked.

Now, whether or not the patch has successfully fixed those issues is neither here nor there, because what 1.03 has done is introduce a new, much bigger issue: save corruption.

This doesn’t seem to be affecting all players and seems to be primarily affecting the PC version of the game, though some PS4 users have also reported errors. The corrupted saves will are of course unable to load, forcing players to create a brand new save. The WWE 2K team has rolled out a temporary solution for the PC version in the form of another patch that rolls the game back to version 1.02. While I wouldn’t exactly call that a fix, it’s good that the developers jumped on the issue so quickly and hopefully spared at least some gamers the pain of losing their saves.

Despite the poor state that the game shipped in, WWE 2K20 still managed to be October’s 7th highest-selling game. Of course, you have to wonder how many gamers would have made day-one purchases if they knew what a mess the game was at the time.

It’s a frustrating situation for everyone involved. Not just for the gamers who dropped their hard-earned cash on the title, but also for the developers who were likely aware they were shipping an unfinished product and simply had no say in the matter. Developer Visual Concepts has plenty of quality titles in their portfolio, including plenty of entries in the WWE 2K series, so you know they can do much better than this.

Maybe they can have the game fixed up and in a proper state soon enough for gamers to pick it up for the holiday. It would be a shame for the state of WWE 2K20 to put a dent in Visual Concept’s otherwise reliable legacy.