Call Of Duty Mobile Launches Season 2 Update, Includes Zombies, Controller Support, And Battle Royale Upgrades

Call Of Duty Mobile Launches Season 2 Update, Includes Zombies, Controller Support, And Battle Royale Upgrades
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Call of Duty Mobile has entered a new era with the launch of the Season 2 Update. It is live in all regions, and gamers can update their version by heading to the App Store or Google Play.

It is jammed pack with enhancements for the game, including the launch of Zombies Mode, controller support, as well as Multiplayer and Battle Royale updates.


There will be two modes for Zombies, Raid, and Endless Survival.

Raid is a round-based mode with a boss to battle at the end of it, and Endless Survival is the true fight to the death mode, battling an endless number of zombies until the gamer becomes one themselves. To read more about the Zombies modes, click here!

Controller Support

This is a massive announcement from Activision. Controller support has been teased in the last few Community Updates, and with the launch of Season 2, gamers can now use controllers with their mobile device.

The controllers that are supported are PlayStation’s DUALSHOCK 4 and Official Xbox One controllers. However, the first generation of the PlayStation controller is not supported by Call of Duty Mobile.

Also, the controllers will only work in matches, not when players are navigating the menus.

There is a development note stating that gamers should enable controller settings in-game before they try and sync their wireless controller.


Controller Support will also affect matchmaking. Players using a controller will only face-off against other controller users, even if only one person in a party has a controller, and the rest don’t.

Gamers can check out the in-game Help section for more information about controller support.

Multiplayer has also received the snowy-mountain level Summit, which was teased in an earlier Community Update. There is also a limited-time winter-themed version of Raid coming this Season.

Battle Royale

The map has received a few upgrades, including new areas for gamers to explore. There is now a circus-themed area, as well as a snowy area. The underground area of the bus station has increased as well.

There is a new limited-time mode for Battle Royale, the Sniper Rifle Challenge, and the premise is simple, be the last one standing using only a sniper rifle.

The M16 is now featured in Battle Royale, firing 5.56mm ammo.

The developers mention that gamers can look forward to a new Battle Royale Class as well as holiday events coming shortly.

There have also been new daily clan missions added, as well as a weekly and seasonal clan ranking system and an experience bonus for playing with friends.

There is also a plethora of bug fixes and improvements that were rolled out with this update, and gamers can check them out by following the link in the tweet!