Call Of Duty League Changes Amount Of Challengers Points Franchised Players Get After Community Uproar

Call Of Duty League Changes Amount Of Challengers Points Franchised Players Get After Community Uproar
Credit: Call of Duty League via YouTube

Call of Duty League has changed how it’s distributing Challenger points to participating gamers after facing outrage from the professional community.

Gamers that were not chosen to be apart of a franchised Call of Duty League team were upset to hear that league players received 15,000 Challenger points.

If professional players haven’t made it on a league roster, they must compete in the Call of Duty Challengers division in online and LAN tournaments, where they will earn Challenger points as well.

Players like Parasite, who didn’t make it onto a team, feels like he would have to grind a lot more than the League gamers, and that the whopping 15,000 points to a dozen players per team was an unfair detriment to his pro career.

Challenger points are used for seeding and paid tournament travel, and someone like Parasite, a former world champion, will be artificially lowered in the standings by gamers that he feels he’s better then.

Well, it looks like his outcry has been heard.

“(This) unintended consequences on the Challengers ecosystem and based on community feedback, the following changes will be made to the Challengers Point system and how travel is awarded to Challengers teams.”

Why did Call of Duty League have this system?

This is the first year with this new, franchised geo-located Call of Duty esports series, and many players have been signed to a two-way contract. This contract allows gamers to play in the Challenger series as well, with some caveats are outlined later in this post.

The reason Call of Duty League gave out this one time 15,000 Challenger Point bonus was to make sure players were accurately seeded in the Challengers bracket.

What’s happening with the Challenger points?

So, the league will start by removing the 15,000 Challenger points from the accounts of each player that was signed to one of the twelve league teams.
Each player signed to a two-way pro contract will receive 1000 Challenger point bonus every week there is an online 2000 Series tournament, before the regular season of Call of Duty League starts. The purpose of this is to help pro players keep their seeding.

Also, Call of Duty League gamers are ineligible to win travel coverage for Challengers open tournaments.

What Call of Duty League gamers can play in the Challengers tournaments?

Gamers must be signed via a two-way contract to play in Challengers tournaments. Pro players not signed to a two-way contract cannot compete in these events.

Also, these gamers must be playing for their respective Call of Duty League team’s affiliate or academy. This means the players cannot join a random roster and compete. Only two of these pros can play on one academy or affiliate roster, leaving the three other spots for unsigned gamers,

Lastly, once someone plays more than two Call of Duty League matches during either half of the regular season, they will not be allowed to compete in any more Challengers tournaments.

The Challengers’ primary purpose as per Call of Duty League is to create a path for amateurs to become pro.