The Techno Platformer Cyber Shadow Just Received A January 26th Release Date

The Techno Platformer Cyber Shadow Just Received A January 26th Release Date
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

What if you were a ninja set in a future where synthetic lifeforms took over, with only one last hero remaining to save all of humanity? That’s pretty much the concept of Cyber Shadow, the ninja platformer that has shown a lot of potential.

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Not only is it dripping in dark cyberpunk themes, but it has a lot of great mechanics based on trailers that have come out. A new one actually just released that provides us with a January 26th release date.

If you enjoy retro metroidvania games, Cyber Shadow has a lot to offer out of the gate. You’ll notice the 2D graphics upon first glance, but the more time you spend in this dark cyber world, the more you’ll realize how deep the controls are.

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Players as Shadow can slash their way through opponents, dash great distances, and quickly evade enemy attacks with the flick of a button. Your abilities will start out relatively simple, but the more of your clan members you help out from synthetic lifeforms, the more special attacks you’ll unlock.

There is thus plenty of motive to keep progressing, mastering the art of the ninja way. Mekacity is the playground that you’ll be navigating through while developing your ninja skills and uncovering mysteries that have been lost upon you.

The story is told through gripping cinematic sequences, which set the scenes before you jump into the fast-past action with varying enemy types. Like a lot of other retro platformers, you’ll get to go against some tough bosses that require different skills and resources.

Even the soundtrack has been perfected as to fall in line with the futuristic tones. The tempo kicks up a notch once the action gets hot and heavy. If you can move throughout Mekacity mastering your clan’s ancient secrets and abilities, you just might be able to save the world from cybernetic oblivion.

The trailer provides a glimpse of the action that players can look forward to later in January. Whether you’re interested in the retro platforming action or captivated by the futuristic ninja story, Cyber Shadow is delivering on all fronts as far as platformers go.

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You can re-live the glory days of hand-drawn graphics with competent traversal and combat mechanics or perhaps experience them for the first time. Either way, Cyber Shadow is set to deliver an unforgettable story and addicting action you won’t be able to get enough of.