Only A Few Weeks Remaining In The Final Fantasy XIV Yo-Kai Event While 5.4 Looms

Only A Few Weeks Remaining In The Final Fantasy XIV Yo-Kai Event While 5.4 Looms
Credit: Final Fantasy XIV Via YouTube

Final Fantasy XIV has frankly been a breath of fresh air with crafting that is far beyond the standard menu-based boredom of other MMOs, a heft of dungeons, along with a massively varied class (or job) tree that users can shift to at a whim.

Following the successful launch of Shadowbringers expansion (which is very easy to confuse with World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion), Square Enix has been hard at work continuing to offer meaty content for players to chew through while we all await the 5.4 update that is bringing yet another raid and dungeon, along with a bit more main story content that we’ve outlined (and ventured a bit of conjecture upon) already.

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To fill the arguable dearth of content, at least regarding max-level end-game raiders that readily log in daily to push their crafting dailies and knock out some leve’s in the interim.

Enter the Yo-Kai Watch event that has Square Enix teaming up with Nippon Ichi Software to bring Yo-Kai Watch characters and weapons into Final Fantasy XIV.

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Yo-Kai Watch is a Nintendo 3DS title originally released on July 11, 2013, with the most recent release (Yo-Kai Watch 3) releasing on February 8, 2019.

It’s a series that has enjoyed popularity in Japan with its charming RPG that echoes slightly of Pokemon with monsters (Yo-Kai) while offering a bit of puzzle-like flavors, all resulting in a charming and fascinating world that never takes itself too seriously but still offers a heft of content that more serious RPG enthusiasts can easily lose themselves in.

Perhaps it’s the arguable lack of Yo-Kai being a more household name that has resulted in the crossover content that it currently playable within FFXIV by picking up a quest in Ul’dah and then diving into FATE’s around the world that then offer coins which are turned in at the Gold Saucer.

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This has admittedly been a bit of a grind if you’re trying to chase all of the available Yo-Kai, as you’ll need to chase FATE’s consistently when you’re logged in in order to acquire the weapons for the legendary Yo-Kai weapons by having a Yo-Kai minion following you while you clear FATE’s for a chance at a legendary token drop which is then turned in.

The event closes out once the servers go down for 5.4 patch maintenance which is scheduled for ‘the beginning of December’: meaning you have two or three weeks, presuming that Square Enix hits their deployment window (as they have tended to with patch updates), so hit that grind if you want these limited-time cosmetics.