Hitman 2 News: Everything You Need To Know About The Haven Island Location For The Expansion Pass Gamers

Hitman 2 News: Everything You Need To Know About The Haven Island Location For The Expansion Pass Gamers
Credit: HITMAN via YouTube

September seems to be a month of both grief and excitement for the Hitman 2 fans.

The second installment of the series will already drop its last mission’s new location next week. This is something that might have left some fans in dismay, especially among the Expansion Pass owners.

Despite that, there are still many reasons to celebrate. IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc. have prepared a lot before the game gets its latest sandbox destination. The developer and publisher have made sure that several exciting contents are out within this month.

The September Roadmap, which carries the theme “Fierce Rivalry,” highlights the Escalation Contract, Featured Contracts, and Legacy Elusive Target.

On September 24, Hitman 2 is doing a new mission in Haven Island. Here are some of the interesting things about it:

• Haven Island is a resort in the Maldives that boasts of clear waters and paradise-like ambiance.

• The new destination is the HQ’s location of a group that provides reputation management services. Accordingly, this team makes sure that their guests are treated well in the resort. This means that they get to experience all the luxuries the place has to offer.

• Agent 47 has three targets in this mission.

• The main character of Hitman 2 is not in the said paradise to enjoy a vacation. He is out there to pin down his targets. Therefore, he needs to pose as a regular guest to accomplish his mission.

• In the new location, 75 challenges, seven achievements, a new suit, and four unique items are featured.

• Players can expect 20 mastery levels, which makes the game even more challenging to play.

• The last mission will be available in the Contracts mode as well.

Following the release of a new location for Hitman 2, two special assignments will be introduced on September 27. Agent 47 will be in Miami for “A Silver Tongue” mission then in Whittleton Creek for “A Bitter Pill.” Take a glimpse of the September roadmap here.

IO Interactive has continued to feature updates and content that could sustain the game’s good reviews.

The game was launched in November last year. Days after, it immediately received positive feedback from tech authors. Critics even described it as the most rewarding and refined installment so far in the series. They particularly cited its “flawless” execution and gameplay as the main reasons why it deserves all the kind words.

Keep posted for more Hitman 2 updates and what is in store for every fan after the Haven Island’s release.