The Antec NX1000 Gaming Case Is Now Available For Purchase, It Features RGB Lighting And Supports Up To 6 Fans

The Antec NX1000 Gaming Case Is Now Available For Purchase, It Features RGB Lighting And Supports Up To 6 Fans
Credit: Antec

American-based PC components manufacturer Antec Inc. has finally released the much-awaited Antec NX1000 gaming case to the market. While it was announced together with the Antec NX500 and NX600, it’s only now that customers can buy the case. The NX500 and NX600 have been around since July when they first hit the stores.

Retailing at $115 on Amazon and $90 at NewEgg, the Antec NX1000 is a Mid-Tower case specially designed for gamers wishing to build powerful rigs. It can accommodate the high-performance processors, versatile cooling options, and robust PSUs for optimal performance. Besides, it offers RGB lighting, making it a modern and futuristic gaming case.

While it is built primarily for ATX motherboards, the NX1000 can also support Micro-ATX and ITX form factors. It has been crafted using high-grade SPCC and plastic material. The case also features tempered glass panels on the left, right and front so you can showcase your internal components, plus the RGB lighting.

At the top interface, the NX1000 features a Power button, LED Controller button, a standard 3.5mm Mic/Headphones port, and two USB 3.0 ports. It also boasts an awesome cable management system in the form of a cable cover which ensures the unit is neat. There is also a dust filter at the top and the bottom to help you keep the gaming station clean.

For some serious gaming, it’s not just about the GPU and CPU; cooling is also an important aspect. The NX1000 offers efficient cooling options courtesy of the impressive support for six fans.

At the top, it can support two 140mm radiators or two 120mm variants. At the front, the NX1000 has enough space to include either three 120mm radiators or two 140mm radiators. At the rear, there is room for one 120mm radiator where one ARGB fan has been pre-installed.

As an ATX gaming case, its expansion options are also vast. The Antec NX1000 features seven expansion slots. As for storage, you get two 3.5″ bays that can convert to fit 2.5″ drives and two additional 2.5″ bays.

In terms of clearance, the Antec NX1000 is quite generous. The maximum GPU length is 370mm meaning you can tuck the latest GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD without a problem. On the other hand, the maximum CPU height is 180mm. For optimal power supply, the NX1000 will also accommodate PSUs of up to 210mm.

Also worth mentioning is the RGB system that allows gamers to colour their world. The Antec NX1000 give you two options. You can choose to connect the module with the motherboard or use the built-in LED controller.