Hardware Manufacturer Releases Six-Button Wireless Controller For The Sega Genesis Mini

Hardware Manufacturer Releases Six-Button Wireless Controller For The Sega Genesis Mini
Credit: ETA PRIME via YouTube

A third-party hardware manufacturer has just dropped the perfect controller for the Sega Genesis Mini.

8Bitdo has introduced the M30, and the company isn’t shy about singing praises for the six-button controller. The company described the accessory as the greatest 6-button controller in history period.

The controller was made as to the perfect accessory if you are going to play the SEGA classic games. However, the design was redefined to include a modern touch such as USB-C and turbo mapping functionality.

It’s a worthy investment because the controller is compatible with almost all devices. A clip will allow you to use the gamepad by pairing it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Another method is to use a USB controller, which is an accessory included in the package.

The extra buttons will allow users to enjoy more complicated games such as Street Fighter, for instance.

But 8Bitdo has an even bigger announcement. The M30 is capable of being paired with your Nintendo Switch once the firmware is updated.

The one that’s being introduced right now is similar to the 2.4G controller, which has been available months ago. However, the company included a USB dongle, which can be connected to the USB port of any console. Theoretically, that makes it possible to use this with your Nintendo Switch.

If that’s the case, then the M30 will really address the problematic Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch. As Switch users know, the Joy-Con is susceptible to drifting, a glitch that makes it harder to control the characters.

Apparently, the Joy-Con gets damaged quite easily. And they have to buy a replacement, which will cost around $75.

Users were so frustrated by how Nintendo has responded to their complaints that they filed a suit against the company. The lawsuit asked for civil damages to be awarded to the users because of Nintendo’s negligence.

The M30 controller from 8Bitdo is compatible with Android 4.0, Switch, macOS 10.7, Windows, and Steam. You can choose from a D-input, X-input, Switch mode, and Mac mode with lag-free and turbo function features.

The firmware can also be easily upgraded, but right now it’s compatible with Switch 1.0.0 and above. It’s also compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2B, 3B, 2B+, and Pi Zero. Connectivity is through Bluetooth and the USB-C cable. When you buy the controller, the box comes with the gamepad, the USB dongle, and the manual.