Fans Of Final Fantasy 14 Can Look Forward To Some Substantial New Content During The Impending Fan Fest

Fans Of Final Fantasy 14 Can Look Forward To Some Substantial New Content During The Impending Fan Fest
Credit: ganer

The developers and gamers of Final Fantasy 14 may be feeling anxious right now due to “an attack by a third party” that the game recently suffered. Unfortunately, users with a habit of reusing the same email address and password across several Square Enix accounts were a prime target for hackers attempting to access the company’s account management servers using information stolen from other sites. Nonetheless, if you’ve just changed your password, you shouldn’t have any problems logging in, and director Naoki Yoshida promises some major news will be made at FanFest.

Yoshida promised significant discoveries and surprises for Final Fantasy 14 players in an interview with Famitsu. When asked if fans should boost their expectations, he replied, “Of course, they should.” It would only be fair to conduct a FanFest with something substantial, so we want to make this event one that is loaded with surprises and enjoyment waiting for you; so we hope you look forward to it.

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Yoshida added that the time between updates would be shorter than it was with Endwalker because of the epidemic. We have mentioned earlier that we need around four months between significant upgrades, and that time has been factored into the Fan Festival’s timetable announcement. We sincerely desire that there will be a manageable delay [in between patches] and that our timetable will generally be consistent with what you may expect. I’m sure many people were thinking, “Ah, so something [7.0] will be released maybe around this timeframe,” after we revealed the dates for the Fan Festival.

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According to aitaikimochi’s calculations based on historical release timetables and Yoshida’s comments about needing at least a four-month break, 7.0 might be released in April 2024. Of course, this is all with early 2024 in mind, when it’s expected that the Japanese Fan Fest will take place.