The Battle Between Good And Evil In Destiny 2 Spans The Galaxy, But Its Roots Are In A Mysterious Flower Game

The Battle Between Good And Evil In Destiny 2 Spans The Galaxy, But Its Roots Are In A Mysterious Flower Game
Credit: IGN

The story, lore, and background of Destiny 2 go back billions of years, if not to the dawn of time itself. Destiny 2 and its subsequent additions do a fantastic job of strengthening the narrative framework. Still, it’s also true that the trove of lore that players may discover in the game’s many locations adds depth to the experience. One such game is the “flower game.”

Aside from the cutscenes, the only way to learn about the flower game is to speak with Eris Morn in Shadowkeep after completing the “Beyond” quest. This folklore is included in Unveiling, a book that reveals a larger story in its chapters. Because it follows the Darkness as it speaks to the Guardians, this mythology presents a fascinating origin tale for many of the themes and conflicts featured in the Destiny universe, but its narrator is unreliable.

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While the morning saw the Light sowing seeds, the evening saw the Darkness reaping the harvest, shaping what would live and what would die, and weeding out the unsuccessful plants. The Gardener and the Winnower play the Flower Game during the day. This garden seems to be a metaphor for life and reality, both before and after the existence of space-time and the physical principles of cause and effect. The park is a metaphor for the potential origin of all universes.

As the allegory of the flower game develops, the same pattern always emerges as the most critical factor in determining the outcome. This was gratifying to the Darkness but not to the Light. The Light yearned to simulate intricate and varied patterns that could coexist peacefully in a hypothetical universe. The Darkness claims that the Light accomplished this by deciding to metamorphose into a new rule that would provide the variety it craved.

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The Destiny universe was born when these modifications were made to the floral game. The Vex is the result of abandoning the previous order of things.