Destiny 2: Xur Returns Yet Again With A Host Of Exotic Weapons and Armor – Sunshot Handcannon Available 8/28

Destiny 2: Xur Returns Yet Again With A Host Of Exotic Weapons and Armor – Sunshot Handcannon Available 8/28
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

Each week in Destiny 2, players look forward to not only the weekly reset but also a visit from the tentacled Agent of the Nine known as Xur. This is a celebratory occasion since Xur is the only vendor in the game that offers Exotic tier items.

Every Friday, Xur visits one of a predetermined set of locations and hangs out there until his departure during the Tuesday reset. He always offers one exotic weapon, and then one armor piece for each of the three classes.

This week, Xur is located on Titan, which is convenient as it is also the location of the weekly flashpoint. Head over to a small building in the Rig area to find him.

For weapons, Xur is currently carrying the Sunshot handcannon. This is a decent weapon, although slightly outclassed by other handcannon options according to most players. The perk Sunburn allows the weapon to fire explosive rounds that highlight enemies that have taken damage with it. Additionally, Sun Blast causes enemies felled by this weapon to explode.

Moving on to armor, hunters this week have the option to grab the Gwisin Vest. This is a great exotic to have if you enjoy the Spectral Blades super over Shadowshot. The perk Roving Assassin refunds Super energy after you get a kill and reenter stealth. While it’s not going to make Spectral Blades a top tier PvE super, every little bit helps.

Auto rifle loving Titans will enjoy the Actium War Rig chest piece. The perk Auto-loading Link consistently reloads auto rifles when you use them, making this exotic more optimal with a dual auto rifle loadout. There are some great auto rifle options out there for PvE and PvP, making this exotic a great option.

Finally, warlocks have access to the Contraverse Hold exotic gauntlets. These gauntlets have a perk which improves charging for Void grenades. While void grenades are certainly powerful, especially if you’re running Nova Warp for the Handheld Supernova, there are more versatile exotics out there like the Nezarec’s Sin. Still, it might be worth at least trying out, and you might as well fill out the collections tab.

That about wraps up the information on Xur’s Inventory for this week. Make sure to visit him before the reset on September 1st if you want to grab any of this gear. Also, make sure to check back right here in time for the next Tuesday reset and stay up to date on the latest Destiny 2 news.