Square Enix Shows Off New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots, Including A Beloved Summon, Weapons Upgrade Menu, And Characters

Square Enix Shows Off New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots, Including A Beloved Summon, Weapons Upgrade Menu, And Characters
Credit: Square Enix

The Final Fantasy VII Remake hype is real, and Square Enix has kept the momentum up by releasing over twenty new screenshots.

The screenshots include different menus players will be accessing, in-game battles, and a very popular Summon.

Here are a few screenshots of a Summon. To see the rest, check out IGN or Playstation.blog

A couple of the screenshots show off the Summon Chocobo & Moogle, which was called Choco/Mog in the original.

The Summon will use the special move “Stampede” to stomp and overwhelm enemies with a herd of chocobos. In the original, there was a slight chance when casting the Summon that a fat chocobo would appear instead, dropping down onto foes and crushing them. Stay tuned to see if that makes an appearance in the game.

A few screenshots show off the Upgrade Weapons menu and specifically highlighting Cloud’s famous Buster Sword. From this menu, players will be able to select a weapon they want to upgrade.

Square Enix gave some clarity about the new menu to PlayStation.Blog, “Each weapon has its own unique weapon abilities that increase in proficiency the more they are used. When an ability’s proficiency level reaches the maximum, that ability is then learned by the wielder and can be used when wielding any weapon.”

The Upgrade Weapon menu has options that improve the character’s status or increase the amount of materia the weapon can hold.

Other screenshots reveal Cloud playing darts in Seventh Heaven. It’s a minigame complete with rounds and an accumulated score.

There some awesome character screenshots as well, including members of Avalanche, Biggs, Wedge, And Jesse. There are also ones showing off a couple of members of the Turks, Rude, and Reno.

Barret receives an excellent still of Marlene on his shoulder inside an old church, and another one features Aerith doing something she always does, looking off into the distance.

There are a bunch more screenshots that Final Fantasy fans would be remiss if they didn’t see.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced back at the 2015 E3 event and has kept up fan anticipation ever since. The game will be released in phases, and Square Enix has announced that they have just started the second one.

The first phase will be released on March 3, 2020, for PlayStation 4. Gamers can choose between three editions that can be pre-ordered today.

The Standard Edition physical copy can be purchased through any major game retailer. The digital copy can be bought through the PlayStation Store.

The Deluxe Edition comes with the game and additional content, including the game, Sephiroth Steelbook Case, Hardback Artbook, FF7 mini-soundtrack, Cactuar summoning materia DLC, and Chocobo Chick summoning materia DLC. This edition comes as a physical copy or digital copy.

The 1st Class Edition can only be bought through the Square Enix store and as a physical copy. It’s loaded with extra content, including Cloud Strife and Hardy Daytona figurine, Carbuncle Summoning materia DLC, and everything that comes with the Deluxe Edition.

Square Enix also announced that every person that pre-orders a physical copy of the game will receive a Final Fantasy VII lanyard.