Final Fantasy 14’s Update 5.4 Will Release This December With New Story Quests And Dungeons

Final Fantasy 14’s Update 5.4 Will Release This December With New Story Quests And Dungeons
Credit: Final Fantasy XIV via YouTube

The beauty of an MMO like Final Fantasy XIV is that new content is always coming. The long running game’s next major update is coming this December. The announcement was made in Square Enix‘s most recent Letter from the Producer broadcast.

They’ve confirmed that the new update, Patch 5.4, is titled Futures Rewritten. It will be dropping on all platforms in early December. The update will introduce a whole bunch of new content that ties in with the Shadowbringers expansion.

Patch 5.4 is bringing a number of new main story quests to the world of Final Fantasy XIV.

“Following the grand conclusion of the Shadowbringers story in Patch 5.3, players will set out on a new adventure,” Square Enix said, referring to the upcoming December update. We’re also going to be getting a third installment of the Eden Raid series in addition to the next chapter in the Sorrow of Werlyt questline.

But, most terrifying of all, Patch 5.4 is bringing one of the most fearsome bosses in the history of Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy XIV. That is the Emerald WEAPON from Final Fantasy VII.

The WEAPON can be battled in both normal and extreme difficulties. Players of the original Final Fantasy VII will remember Emerald WEAPON as one of the most difficult and time consuming bosses in the game. It was an optional encounter that you could initiate in the submarine. Emerald WEAPON was always lurking somewhere in the deep dark depths of the sea. If you challenged it, you had to defeat it within a specific time limit, unless you had the Underwater Materia equipped.

A new dungeon is coming as part of this update, called Matoya’s Relict. It will be a part of the new main quest storyline. Additionally, we’re going to receive a new Unreal trial and an Explorer mode which will allow you to explore dungeons to take screenshots without having to fight enemies.

Violins will be added to the list of playable instruments and a number of tweaks will be made to the Blue Mage job. This includes an increased level cap.

The minigame Triple Triad will be getting some revised rules and new tournaments for a limited time.

Patch 5.35 released today, bringing some new content to the game that includes the next chapter of the Save the Queen questline. Today’s update also brings some new Bozjan Southern Front battle content to the game.

Square recently confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV will be compatible with the PlayStation 5, and will come along with some enhancements on the new console.