Dirt 5 Is Now Expected To Release On October 16

Dirt 5 Is Now Expected To Release On October 16
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Dirt 5 is Codemaster’s latest rally game featuring intense off-road racing on rugged terrains like ice, snow, and sand. It was originally scheduled to release on October 9, but according to a Twitter announcement, it’s being delayed.

The developer didn’t give an exact reason for the delay, but fortunately, it won’t be that much longer before players can hit the trails and test their rally racing skills against others in non-stop action.

The new date is October 16, just a week longer. That’s not too bad all things considered. When major AAA games get pushed back, usually it’s a couple of months. Developers sometimes find themselves on a bit of a time crunch and instead of putting out a game before it’s ready, they take a little more time to complete the finishing touches.

If you’re a fan of the Dirt series and are looking forward to this latest installment, this delay news isn’t that tough of a pill to swallow. When it does officially release, players have a lot of incredible things to look forward to.

The environmental aspect of Dirt 5 looks very promising in particular. Codemasters has given players plenty of terrains to conquer that will test their skills. For example, driving on ice will be much different than moving through muddy trails.

Precision, timing, and knowing when to accelerate all will be key around these dynamic and ever-changing areas that span across 10 different global regions.

The career mode also seems to have a lot of promise, which features iconic voice actors Troy Baker and Nolan North. They’ll set the scene as you take your character through the ranks up to the top. Along the way, you’ll have a mentor to help you navigate these unfamiliar racing waters.

From unique rewards to epic sponsorships, this well-rounded career mode should elevate the Dirt series to new heights and give players interesting storylines to get captivated by.

When you’re done with the story, you can check out Dirt 5’s dynamic online multiplayer that lets up to 12 players compete in different objective-based modes. Local split-screen is also supported for those that want to go at it with a bud.

It’s unfortunate that fans have to wait a week longer to experience the innovations in this latest rally racing installment, but it could be much worse. Hopefully, Codemasters takes the extra time — although brief — to do everything they can to make it a refined rally racing experience that fans love and appreciate.