GTA Online’s Los Santos Summer Special Update Is Now Live

GTA Online’s Los Santos Summer Special Update Is Now Live
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

GTA Online has been instrumental to GTA 5’s success. After the base game, players can dive into some open multiplayer action that is so full of opportunities. From earning money to buy property to enjoying The Diamond Casino & Resort — featuring slot machines and table games — this portion of GTA 5 always delivers.

Rockstar has kept the content train rolling through, with themed events and noteworthy changes. They’ve just done it again with quite a beefy update called Los Santos Summer Special. It’s out now for those looking for new experiences to share with others online.

It seems Rockstar wanted to end summer with a bang in this latest update and judging by all of the cool new things they’ve included, it should go over well with the community.

Starting off, there are now 15 new vehicles that players can purchase. The Lampadati Tigon looks like a showstopper, featuring futuristic lines and aggressive fenders.

Then you have the Declasse DR1, an F1 styled vehicle that you know is a dream to take out on straight lines. The Vapid Peyote Custom is a classic car that may not be as fast as the others, but it has added character. For a full list, you can check out Rockstar’s official website.

Six new co-op missions have also been updated in this summer update, which can be hosted by Galaxy Superyacht owners. They seem like a great way to go on nautical adventures and earn cool rewards like sea-themed outfits.

There’s also an Open Wheel Race Creator. It lets racing enthusiasts try their hand at crafting custom tracks with innovative and user-friendly controls. With all of the new items — including props and pit-stops — there are limitless options for what can be done with track customization.

Other notable additions include two new arcade cabinets, new business battles, and new collectibles. Finally, Rockstar has made a lot of important quality-of-life improvements that should enhance overall gameplay in major departments.

If you want the full list of changes and new things in this update, again, you can visit Rockstar’s official website. The amount of new content is quite sizable and is an amazing way to end the summer.

GTA Online just keeps on getting better and better with time. Whether you like messing around with friends or accepting missions for cash and rewards, there is no shortage of what can be done. That’s great because who knows when the next GTA will be officially released.