Minecraft Combat Snapshot v6: A Substantial Combat Rework Removing “Coyote Time”

Minecraft Combat Snapshot v6: A Substantial Combat Rework Removing “Coyote Time”
Credit: Mojang Studios

Mojang Studios has released the newest Minecraft Combat Snapshot, and These combat snapshots are separate from the usual rollout of pre-release snapshots and patches. The time between these patches can be significant; the time between Minecraft combat snapshot v5 and v6 was roughly six months.

Installing these snapshots are also significantly different when compared to the standard snapshots that Mojang Studios officially releases.

To install these snapshots, users will need to download the test from Reddit and manually add it to your Minecraft installations. This means that only the Java Edition of Minecraft can have these snapshots installed.

The sixth update of these Minecraft combat snapshots offers significant changes to the combat system that many Minecraft players use in a variety of different game modes and different Minecraft servers.

Mojang Studios has redesigned the aim assist in this Minecraft Combat Snapshot version six. This update removes “Coyote Time,” which was originally introduced in version five, which let you hit something if you’ve aimed at it but technically attacked outside the bounding box.

Another change to aim assist and combat is that entities with bounding boxes that are smaller than 0.9 of a block are inflated. In addition to inflating the bounding box, this update has increased the base reach from 2.5 to 3 and removed the bonus reach for delayed attacks.

Aim assist wasn’t the only combat mechanic that received an update, shields, axes, and bows have all received changes in this combat update. Shields now only protect up to five damage points from melee attacks, but still protects against all damage from projectiles. Shields also have a faster recovery time after blocking an attack.

The changes to axes were a bit more minimal when compared to the aim assist changes; the axes changes include renaming chopping to cleaving, and the second change is to limit the axes’ possible enchantments.

Changes to the food and hunger include reverting eating time to thirty-two ticks, eating now can be interrupted if a mob or player hits the player. Natural healing is now faster, taking just two seconds instead of the previous three seconds. Food is now drained 50% slower by Natural healing.

In this snapshot, sprinting now required more than six points of food; this was brought back by popular demand. This snapshot has a plethora of other changes that can significantly change how combat works in Minecraft.