The Elder Scrolls Online Is Getting An Upgraded Version On Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Getting An Upgraded Version On Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5
Credit: The Elder Scrolls Online Official Website

Bethesda recently announced that some of their previously released games would be upgraded and released on next-gen consoles. DOOM Eternal and The Elder Scrolls Online will both be headed to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in the near future.

Now players won’t have to purchase the game again to play on their new consoles. This is only valid for those who currently own the game on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. PC players who decide to pick up the PlayStation 5 version of the game won’t be eligible unless they purchase the game now.

Bethesda also announced they would continue to support backwards compatibility. If players upgrade to the next console, they should be able to retain all of their characters, servers, and items without having to start over. For an MMORPG where many spend hours or years investing to creating a personalized character, this is vital.

There is no timeframe on when Bethesda and Zenimax will have the upgraded version of ESO available. It may not be available during the launch of the consoles, but players should expect it in the future.

The Elder Scrolls Online first launched in 2014. The game is now available on PC, along with PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players can choose to play on either the North American or European servers. The game has a one-time fee to start but often has periods where the game is free to immediately download and play.

The Elder Scrolls Online takes place before The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Recently, the game has been introducing more Skyrim-related content.

The most recent announcement was for Stonethorn, a new DLC dungeon pack that takes place in the Dark Heart of Skyrim. The game takes places inside of an ancient fortress in an attempt to stop a new vampiric invasion plus investigate the alchemist Arkasis.

The news post states:

We are thrilled to announce that if you currently own or plan to purchase an Xbox One or PS4 copy of The Elder Scrolls Online between now and the launch of ESO’s next-gen version for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, you can upgrade free to that version of the game. We do not yet have a planned release date for the upgraded version of ESO, but stay tuned!”

The Elder Scrolls Online is available now on PC/Mac, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.