Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Unintentional Dream Gun: The 725 Shotgun-Sniper Has Been Nerfed Again, Along With Other Fixes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Unintentional Dream Gun: The 725 Shotgun-Sniper Has Been Nerfed Again, Along With Other Fixes
Credit: Top Call of Duty Plays via YouTube

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the ultimate pairing has been made unintentionally.

When a player picks up a shotgun, in any sort of first-person shooter game, the mechanics of it are quite clear. It has a short-range but causes immense damage. In a game like Modern Warfare, a direct shotgun blast close range will take down anyone.

However, the unthinkable has happened. People have gone to bed at night, dreaming of the most carnage-infused weapon possible, and it has finally materialized — a shotgun with the range of a sniper rifle.

The double-barreled 725 shotgun’s range has been ludicrous as players have been getting hosed from sniper range. Talk about the best-case scenario for shotgun and sniper lovers.

As the shotgun holds two shells, this gun is made for a high-risk high-reward scenario, either kill or be killed. But adding a few attachments to it like an extended barrel and a scope, people have been living the dream, perched somewhere up high and blasting players from sniper distance.

Unfortunately, for some, Infinity Ward, has been trying to step in. The game developer has reduced the range of the 725 again, along with other fixes with the 1.08 update.

• Infinity Ward has fixed more backend problems to help prevent crashing and gameplay instability for all platforms
• Walking and crouching when aiming down sight will always play footstep sounds, regardless of speed
• The developer has fixed the issue with the Riot Shield that would not allow the player using the shield to take explosive damage in certain situations
• A bunch of weapon adjustments, including hip spread adjustments for ARs, reduced recoil and increased ADS (aim down sight) speed for the FAL, increased hip spread and decreased damage to the head for the M4, increased ADS for the EB-14, and of course reduced range for the 725. The final weapon change was an adjustment to the miscellaneous ammo reserve upon spawning, making it more in-line with other weapons of their class
• A couple of fixes for Challenges, including DEV ERROR 5476, syncing issues between the UI and Challenge state, and the changing of a mission challenge description
• Few adjustments to the Piccadilly map including spawn tuning for Team Deathmatch and Domination, and moving the B flag in Domination from the center fountain to near the busses
• Fixed an issue in Special Operations involving the Overkill Perk and an SMG as the secondary weapon. Sometimes players would spawn without a primary weapon if they joined a match in progress and this was their build.

It will be interesting to see if the 725 shotgun is still chopping people down from a ludicrous distance or if this nerf was the perfect equalizer. Its probably for the best if the ladder happens.