The Unique Puzzle Game Last Labyrinth Is Out Now For The PSVR, An Official Launch Trailer Is Available

The Unique Puzzle Game Last Labyrinth Is Out Now For The PSVR, An Official Launch Trailer Is Available
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The PSVR is still going strong after releasing in 2016. It’s one of the best VR headsets on the market in terms of features and more importantly, games. The library is incredible and has so much variety to it. One of the more unique has to be Last Labyrinth, which is an escape room type of game filled with lots of puzzles.

An announcement trailer released a couple of months ago, depicting unique environments and mysteries at play. Now, a launch trailer was just revealed in celebration of this game’s official release. That’s right. This game is out now for the PSVR and other VR headsets. It seems like just the game if you’re up for a unique and emotional journey.

Escape rooms always have had an interesting appeal. In real life, you get to put your heads together with a team to solve clues before the time runs out. Being able to have this sort of experience in a video game is a dream come true for many. Although you don’t have any friends who can help you solve the puzzles in this game, there is a mysterious girl.

She’ll act as your companion throughout your journey through the creepy house. Without her presence, this game would be a very lonely and isolated experience. Complimenting the immersive experience you have going through different rooms in the mansion is the soundtrack. It has a very somber tone that gives weight to all the mysteries that unravel.

The game also has top notch voice-actors. Any time a game has this quality, you know the developers are going for a dramatic and memorable experience. If the voice-acting doesn’t win you over, the challenges will. There are many puzzles and tasks to complete that give this game a good bit of variety.

There are also hidden dangers that you’ll have to be very wary of. The fact that this is a VR experience just brings you further into this unique atmosphere. You’re constantly on edge thinking about something coming out from the shadows or behind a piece of furniture.

Last Labyrinth seems like a very well-rounded experience, from the way it looks to the immersive exploration you’ll get to complete. If you have a PSVR or another VR headset, now may be the perfect time to figure out why the game’s main protagonist has woken up in such a mysterious place and why this girl is helping you through it.