Some New Updates Are Coming To PUBG, Including The Addition Of A Waypoint System

Some New Updates Are Coming To PUBG, Including The Addition Of A Waypoint System
Credit: Fugglet via YouTube

The battle royale space is getting pretty crowded as of late. And still, PUBG is going strong. This game and Fortnite have been instrumental to the overall space from the jump. A reason why PUBG still dominates the leaderboards is because of the continued updates it receives.

The developer PUBG Corporation knows how important it is to keep fans interested and coming back for more. Another round of updates are reportedly on the way, which should improve many aspects of gameplay. One of the biggest improvements is a new waypoint system. This has been a lacking feature ever since launch, and has resulted in many team members heading off on their own and getting lost from the task at hand.

With this new system — though — everyone in the same squad will know exactly where they need to head. This should keep team members together, which is important for having a successful match. Using this new waypoint system also will be pretty user-friendly, even if you have no prior experience playing this battle royale game.

All you have to do is mark locations on your map. Allies will see these waypoints and will know exactly where they need to be at just the right times. The system should make various multiplayer modes even more strategic and memorable.

An update is also coming to the snow map referred to as Vikendi. It’s receiving a rehaul in terms of some structures and layouts, with the end goal of making sniping even more prevalent. That’s pretty incredible to contemplate because Vikendi has already been a map where players like to use long-range tactics. These structural adjustments should force these sniper-oriented combat sequences even more, which is perfect if you fancy yourself a marksman in PUBG.

These improvements and changes — which fall under Update 5.2 — go live in a couple of days for PC and consoles. Although not officially confirmed, PUBG could also be getting a clan system. That’s according to several dataminers. Their findings show that the new clan system could support up to 20 players. So if you enjoy teaming up with friends and strangers, this possible clan system seems like a great way to distinguish yourself from other users.

All of these updates should make PUBG an even better battle royale experience. It seems like the developers can do no wrong. Who knows how what more features and ideas they’ll come up with next?