Without Much Fanfare, The Morrowind Rebirth Mod Just Got A Second Massive Update Within The Year

Without Much Fanfare, The Morrowind Rebirth Mod Just Got A Second Massive Update Within The Year
Credit: ROSENROT via YouTube

In May this year, the Morrowind Rebirth 5.0 was released for Elder Scrolls III. Now, the second and final part of that mod is now available for download.

You can download the content on ModDB. Trancemaster_1988 said that it had been a long wait for most fans. But he promised that the mod would be worth their time. Part 2 of Morrowind Rebirth 5.0 will come with a series of changes. For instance, the Labour Town District is overhauled, along with the Molag Mar. You can also expect to see major changes in Ald Velothi.

The developer also promised that Elder Scrolls III will run smoothly now because they fix the bugs. You can also choose from different weapons such as the Silver Bracers or Golden Saint Shield. You will also have the chance to wield the Daedric field arrow or the Chitin throwing knife.

Some enchanting armors like Vigorous Boots, Glimmering Helm, and Crimson Shield, are also added to the game.

The update also rebalances all the available potions. Gamers who have no extra money will benefit from this change. You can buy the cheapest potions and can make good use of them for the value of your coin.

For instance, the Feather has gone up 25 points for 15 seconds from 5 points for eight seconds. The Fire Resistance increased to 10% for 15 seconds from the original 5% for eight seconds. And you can now easily find these cheap potions on chests instead of having to find them on a random loot.

The South Wall Cornerclub located in Balmora has now two bedrooms. The Nithryon Shop, also in Balmore, will now have a bedroom for Dralasa.

The Morrowind Rebirth is a labor of love for Trancemaster_1988 and Rubberman. The two friends have worked on the content since 2010. Rubberman told PCGamesN earlier this year that they left no stone unturned when it comes to the details. Specifically, he said that Transcemaster is very insisted on making it right, even if they spend hours on design.

In one instance, Transmaster spent two weeks just making sure the furniture pieces are in their right places.

But Tracemaster said that he had to learn editing software from scratch. He blames his inexperience for the delay in the release of the Morrowind Rebirth. He only anticipated the project to last two years of his life. However, they continue to expand and expand until 2019 came.

Finally, Tracemaster said that he doesn’t envision himself finishing Morrowind Rebirth. The day he finishes is the day his modding career is over.