Detroit: Become Human Gets A Release Date For The PC Version, See The World Through The Eyes Of An Android December 12

Detroit: Become Human Gets A Release Date For The PC Version, See The World Through The Eyes Of An Android December 12
Credit: Quantic Dream

It has taken around a year and a half, but Detroit: Become Human is finally hitting PC.

It will be available through the Epic Games store on December 12th, and gamers can pre-purchase it now for $24.99.

The developer of Detroit: Become Human tweeted out today about the release:

Detroit: Become Human is an action-adventure game that initially came out for PS4 in April of 2018. The game has received decent reviews, including 78% with Metacritic, eight out of ten from IGN, seven out of ten from Push Square, and a seven out of ten from GameSpot.

The year is 2038, and the game takes place in Detroit. Human-like androids walk the streets, programmed to serve humans’ every need.

Gamers will explore the new-age world from the perspective of three androids.

Kara is an android who was able to escape her life as a housekeeper servant and finds herself protecting a young girl. Kara develops artificial consciousness, which allows her to explore her own robotic thoughts, and feelings, drawing parallels between herself and the humans she served.

Connor works as a police investigator and android hunter. He seeks out sentient androids, those that perceive things and have decided to stray from the programmed behaviors of putting humans first.

Markus worked as a caretaker android, but once he developed artificial consciousness, he sets a life goal to free as many androids as he can from the life of slavery.

Players will get a world perspective from the three radically different androids, which is a fascinating component of the game. In the technology era, the morale and technical quandaries that gamers face in this game are becoming increasingly relevant.

The game plays from a third-person view, and every decision the player makes will alter the fate of the androids and the city of Boston. The game has thousands of different morality provoking choices for the gamer to make. There are multiple different endings to the game, which are a product of those decisions made.

Because of this, the game has a high level of replayability since Markus, Connor, and Kara can have different journeys every time, giving the player a fresh experience in a socially relevant game.

Detroit: Become Human is a single-player game and is published and developed by Quantic Dream. This game broke Quantic Dream’s record for their largest commercial success, with sales surpassing 3 million copies, a lot of those sales coming from Japan and Asia.