Sony Confirms That The PlayStation 5 Will Not Come Out This Year; Currently Targeting 2020

Sony Confirms That The PlayStation 5 Will Not Come Out This Year; Currently Targeting 2020
Credit: StockSnap via Pixabay

A popular topic in the gaming sector — at least for the past few years — has been next-gen consoles. What will they look like and how will they perform? These are questions many feel will get answered in a year or two.

For Sony, it appears we’re roughly one year out from the official launch of the highly anticipated PlayStation 5. Sony officially ruled out the possibility of seeing a release this year. Although this may seem like unfortunate news, there are some positives to take away from it.

First and foremost, the extra time gives Sony more opportunities to perfect their powerful system. It is said to have the best processing power to date. The graphics will get an upgrade as well. Could they rival what we see in PCs? That remains to be seen, but the future of the PS5 sure looks brighter than ever.

Waiting roughly a year for its release also gives you plenty of time to save up. Like most new consoles, there is often a hefty price tag. Such was the case for the Xbox One and PS4. It wasn’t until Sony lowered its launch price when the PS4 started selling exceptionally well. 

We could see them take a similar approach to the PS5. Still, expect it to be around $399-$499. Of course, you’ll pay more for a bundled system that includes a game and an extra controller. Now’s the perfect time to start saving that loose change. 

2020 is looking like the target year Sony is planning to unveil this behemoth of a console. The question remains: Will it truly be next-gen like we’ve been promised so many times in the past? The spec announcements certainly seem to point in this direction. 

What has many Sony fans intrigued is what the new console will actually look like. There have many fake leaks over the internet. Some of them look truly bizarre and other designs seem pretty sleek and believable. 

Although Sony hasn’t confirmed any visual details regarding the PS5, we know the wait is almost over. It wouldn’t be surprising for them to announce some more concrete details in 2019. They still have plenty of time to get their loyal fans buzzing with excitement. 

These console announcements are always so exciting. It will be intriguing to see what the team at Sony has been working on diligently these past few years. The anticipation is palpable for gamers around the world.