Some More Details Have Surfaced On Fallout 76 Wastelanders’ Reputation System

Some More Details Have Surfaced On Fallout 76 Wastelanders’ Reputation System
Credit: Bethesda Via Youtube

Although Fallout 76 started off with a rocky launch, Bethesda hasn’t given up on the open-world RPG. They have tried doing everything they can to take out bugs and offer new features that were noticeably absent at launch. The biggest changes they’ve been working on — though — fall under the Wastelanders update.

It’s a massive undertaking that is introducing NPCs to the game for the first time. Why they weren’t there to begin with is still a head-scratcher, but at least Bethesda is facing reality and learning from their mistakes. Originally, this update was planned for late 2019. Given how many changes are coming to Fallout 76, though, it’s being pushed back to sometime in 2020.

The new year has arrived and we still don’t know when this huge update is coming. We did learn a little more about the reputation system just recently, though. It’s tied to two factions: The raiders and the settlers. You will start out at the bottom of the totem pole with each. If you keep on good terms with them, your reputation system will go up.

Thus, they’ll trust you more and be more willing to give you things. Conversely, if you act bad towards them in any way, this will directly impact your reputation in a negative way. As a result, interacting with them in the future will prove much more hostile. You get to decide who you befriend and who you go against.

It’s not the most revolutionary reputation system, but anything is a welcomed change from just being led from mission to mission by robots and audio logs. Bethesda confirms there being seven reputation ranks you’ll go through with each faction.

You can increase your ranking by completing quests and helping around their settlements. It’s clear that Bethesda wants to reward you from lending a helping hand, which should immediately make Fallout 76 that much more interesting and meaningful.

For the longest time, it just felt like you would go around the West Virginia lands aimlessly. You had a mission, but there wasn’t enough motivation to make you care. That should all change once this Wastelanders update finally comes out. Hopefully, it’s not too much longer.

Fallout 76 users deserve to have the best experiences possible. Bethesda needs to deliver what was promised from the beginning. It may not be enough to get all of their fans back, but at least it can help restore some good faith and prop them up a bit before the next Fallout release.