Rocket League Championship Series 9 Launch Today Plagued By Technical Issues

Rocket League Championship Series 9 Launch Today Plagued By Technical Issues
Credit: Rocket League via Psyonix

Fans of Rocket League Championship Series find themselves a bit frustrated, as the Season 9 launch that was supposed to begin today has already been plagued by issues that stem from Psyonix’s servers unable to stay up.  It’s been a lasting problem for months, with many claiming issues on Reddit with Rocket League servers as early as October.  It all seemed to come to a head yesterday, as Psyonix noticed that their servers were somehow getting worse than usual.

What followed was the servers being brought up, and down again, repeating constantly until the first match was slated to begin to kick off Season 9.  The hosts stalled valiantly, patiently biding time until Psyonix servers could be brought back under control.  Finally, the stream capitulated to the server errors, and placed a technical difficulties error prominently, asking for patience as the matches that were originally to be started at 1500 EST was delayed until 1800 EST.

Not exactly the jump into an exciting Season 9 that Psyonix were likely hoping for, with expanded rosters bringing even more teams and competitive matches promising this to be the most exciting season yet.

The stream asked those that were to play today to stay tuned to SmashGG Twitter for upcoming announcements in regards to the matches being pushed back as the developers were hard at work beating out the fires that metaphorically engulfed their servers.

As of writing, it’s unsure if the problem has been fixed, and if the league will even begin today whatsoever.  Players were reporting being kicked out of the game as early as 1330 EST, parties desynching and games not being properly recorded.

Psyonix just pushed a new tweet in regards to Rocket League, stating that the matches today have been postponed until a later date.  With a total of eight teams being added to this season, with a surprisingly healthy prize pool and competition, this is not a good look for the ‘soccar’ title that continues to successfully cater prestigious esport teams such as NRG into joining the league that’s growing at a rate that makes Blizzard jealous.

It’s bound to frustrate many, but sometimes technology simply doesn’t work for various reasons.  From Psyonix’ Twitter, it’s clear that they’re still baffled in regards to what is causing the ever-increasing instability that is continuing to plague their wildly successful game.  Yet the current issues find more than players being unable to play; professional teams that have money on the line are equally as stymied as the rest of us.

Hopefully, Psyonix can get to the bottom of the issues before more matches need to be moved backward.  It’s not a great look for the company starting their ninth consecutive season, and a couple of employees are likely to be in hot water for the issues.