Dirt 5 Community Manager Outlines The 5 Best Features Of The Upcoming Racer

Dirt 5 Community Manager Outlines The 5 Best Features Of The Upcoming Racer
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Dirt 5 is well on the way, with the latest installment of the famous racing franchise set to land sometime later this year. The title will be launching on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year, as well as a slue of other platforms, before going to Google Stadia in early 2021.

But what sets this racing game out from the others in the franchise? Prettier graphics and slight changes to a few other elements? Even more than that, what makes Dirt 5 stand out amongst all of the other racing franchises that players could be enjoying?

Chris Groves, the lead Social and Community manager of the title, went to the PlayStation Blog to answer that question. In response, Groves laid out the five features that he feels makes the title more than “just” an off-road racer.

These five items are… interesting, though, as they objectively don’t seem that unique. Many of them are the sorts of boasts and selling points that anyone selling a game would likely make, but that isn’t to say they aren’t true!

First, Groves highlights the “Vibe of Dirt 5,” in his words. “Booting up Dirt 5 feels like you’re stepping into a brand new culture, surrounded by style and encouraging you to express yourself, whatever it is you’re doing,” he writes, focusing in on the feeling of the game itself. While it’s still an off-road racing game at its core, there’s still much more going on to complete the vibe.

After that, Groves was quick to focus in on the stylish, bold aspect of Dirt 5 itself. There are plans to have features that highlight the style and substance of the title, but Groves states that you don’t need to go any farther than the official announcement trailer. The music there, combined with the classic rally legends of the new stylish roster, are all that one needs to experience to know the style of the game.

Third, Groves believes that the upcoming Career mode will be a rewarding and exciting experience. The community manager name-drops Troy Baker and Nolan north, dropping you into a scene filled with famous names and powerful personalities.

The fourth and fifth aren’t too much of a highlight, to be honest. Groves highlights the playful tone of the title, boasting that it does, in fact, contain multiplayer both online and offline. In closing, he highlights the “bold, brave, loud, and lavish” atmosphere of the title.

One thing is certain, Dirt 5 is revving up to be a spectacularly intense racing game! If you’re waiting for the title, you won’t be waiting too much longer as the year ticks by.