Minecraft Is Currently Having A Celebration, Giving Away Free Items And User Content

Minecraft Is Currently Having A Celebration, Giving Away Free Items And User Content
Credit: Minecraft.net

Minecraft is a vastly popular game, and its popularity has been skyrocketing during the current pandemic, raising 126 million active monthly players to 132 million active monthly players. This rise has had many content creators and new players looking at the significant changes that Minecraft has gone through.

Minecraft’s popularity rose quickly, so quickly that Mojang created a How We Made Minecraft series. This series shows the development ideas that the developers go through when implementing new mobs and creating various dimensions. This series focuses less on the coding and more on creating informative and entertaining videos regarding various design choices.

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Minecraft recently started its community celebration, which offers different gifts depending on Minecraft’s version that you play on.

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Players of either the Bedrock edition and the Java edition should look to join this fantastic celebration to get these gifts Minecraft is giving out.

For the Bedrock Edition, players will get new character creator items and maps. Mojang has decided that these gifts should be spread out instead of given all at once; this means that the first item player will receive be on December 14th, and the last gift will be received on January 4th.

This gift releasing schedule ensures that players continue to log in and get these character creator items and maps. These gifts will allow players to customize their characters further, ensuring any player can be recognized at just a glance.

Players can find the character creators items in the custom creator menu, and this menu allows the player to change the body size and shape, limbs, emotes, eyes, mouth, hairstyle, facial hair, and skin tones.

The Java Edition of Minecraft has different gifts than the Bedrock Edition, and The Java Edition will feature three gifts along with a free week of Java Realms. These three gifts will become available on December 14th and the last gift for December 28th.

Alongside these gifts, the Java Edition of Minecraft showcases how to sideload skins. Allowing players to change their skin easily. This ability to easily change the skins makes players able to customize their skin easily.

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This celebration is sure to see some fantastic additions made to Minecraft, both the Bedrock edition and the Java Edition. These fantastic additions range from skins to user-created maps.