Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Lucky Mobs, A Different Way To Take Your Chances!

Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Lucky Mobs, A Different Way To Take Your Chances!
Credit: Cubed Creations Via Minecraft MarketPlace

Minecraft is known for its innovation and mods, which are easily installed into the game; many content creators enjoy using mods to make a brand new gaming experience that they may have not playthrough before.

Most Lucky Block mods are implemented through modding Minecraft instead of using the Minecraft marketplace, but now thanks to Cube Creations, Bedrock edition players can experience the joys and worries that come with opening a Lucky Block.

Minecraft content creators like DanTDM use mods to make his Minecraft experience significantly tougher for his Ultra Hardcore Minecraft series. This follows his Hardcore series being complete after killing the Ender Dragon and officially finishing the game of Minecraft.

The Minecraft Marketplace item that most people should look into getting is the Lucky Mobs, which offers the joys of opening a lucky block while still allowing more players to farm the animals to get more Lucky blocks / Lucky Mobs.

Players can now face off against mobs, including hostile mobs like the Skeletons and the Creeper, now all have a different color scheme which closely resembles the famous Lucky Blocks, which features a classic gold design and a white question block.

Not only that, there is a bit of a backstory as to why these mobs have been transformed into Lucky blocks and even features the ability to be ‘Broken’ and have a total of fifty outcomes in terms of drops.

The animals all lived on the player’s farm, a large farm featuring various animals ranging from cows, pigs, wolfs, and horses. All of which can be farmed for new animals and even killed for the lucky block drops.

The barn and the surrounding farm looks fantastic and is a great way to easily feel the Lucky block rush that many Java Edition players can and have felt in the past.

The work that went into creating this expansive farm shows the dedication that Cubed Creations put into this fantastic marketplace item. Cubed Creations have created various Minecraft marketplace items, all reasonably priced when compared to some of the other Minecraft Marketplace items that are currently available.

This item is currently available on the Minecraft Marketplace for the low price of just 660 Minecoin, which is substantially lower than some of the other Marketplace items.