Minecraft Sales Top 200 Million And Minecraft Now Has 126 Million Players Monthly

Minecraft Sales Top 200 Million And Minecraft Now Has 126 Million Players Monthly
Credit: Mojang

Mojang Studios has celebrated 11 years since the original Minecraft alpha build was initially released. At this 11-year mark, Minecraft sales have topped 200 Million sales, which is an astounding achievement. Not only has Minecraft topped 200 Million in sales, but Minecraft also has a total of 126 million players monthly, which is a HUGE player base.

One reason for this increase in Minecraft‘s popularity is the COVID-19 pandemic, Minecraft saw a twenty-five percent increase in new players in just the last month with a forty percent spike in multiplayer sessions.

Minecraft originated as a small passion project, but through the interest of YouTubers has allowed this game to remain as the top game of YouTube viewership stats as of last year.


Being the top game in terms of YouTube viewership means that numerous YouTubers (including CaptainSparkles, Achievement Hunters) have long-running series that rely on the game of Minecraft. This generates significant intrigue in the game by having large viewer bases watching for the game for hours.

This original small passion project has exploded into a game bought by Microsoft themselves and led the creator Markus Persson, or Notch in-game, to be a millionaire.

Another reason for this dramatic increase in Minecraft’s player base is Mojang’s creation of the Education version of the game. This education version adds education content, which has been utilized extensively during the COVID-19 pandemic, this content is free on Minecraft’s marketplace for free until June.

Since Minecraft has partnered with NASA, players can explore the Internation Space Station, which allows players to explore this space station extensively.

This content allows players to tour the Internation Space Station, tour various monuments and even learn to code with an in-game robot. This allows the education content to be used in multiple ways, from learning to code to learning about various areas easily during this pandemic, which has most students staying at home.

An important fact is that Mojang has announced it will be rebranding to Mojang Studios. This includes an updated logo and business name, but everything else will remain the same.

This is due Mojang now having more than just one game, being Minecraft, being developed and supported by them. Mojang also now has Minecraft Dungeons released and supported, which is a Dungeons-crawler type game that players explore dungeons and gain new items and weapons.