Latest WWE 2K Battlegrounds Update Adds New Wrestlers, Arenas, And More

Latest WWE 2K Battlegrounds Update Adds New Wrestlers, Arenas, And More
Credit: 2K

Over the next few weeks, this year’s WWE 2K game, subtitled Battlegrounds, will get weekly roster updates that’ll add a mix of current stars and legends. Also, the updates will add new arenas. So, over the next few weeks, players will receive the following new content:

December 23:

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  • Ric Flair
  • Sheamus
  • Montez Ford (unlocked)
  • Sting (unlocked)
  • Holiday Arena

December 30:

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  • Diesel
  • Razor Ramon
  • Angelo Dawkins (unlocked)
  • Winter Bear Arena

January 6:

  • Bret Hart
  • Sami Zayn (unlocked)

January 13:

  • Chad Gable
  • Akam (unlocked)

January 20:

  • Roddy Piper
  • Fandango
  • Rezar (unlocked)

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WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which was announced and developed after the developers announced the cancellation of WWE 2K21, is available now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It’s also available for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S via backward compatibility. You can check out the game’s official description below.

“The world of WWE is your Battleground with all-new, over the top, in-your-face arcade action as your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends battle it out in outlandish interactive environments around the world. Compete in your favorite match types with an arsenal of exaggerated maneuvers, special abilities, and devastating power-ups, including steel Cage, Royal rumble, Fatal four way and more, as Mauro Ranallo and Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler Call all the mayhem! Are you ready to enter the Battleground?”

In WWE 2K Battlegrounds, there are over 70 playable wrestlers, with some of the more notable names listed below.

  • Andre The Giant
  • Asuka
  • Bayley
  • Becky Lynch
  • Big Show
  • Bobby Lashley
  • Braun Strowman
  • Bray Wyatt/The Fiend
  • Charlotte Flair
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Edge (Pre-Order Bonus)
  • Jeff Hardy
  • John Cena
  • Kalisto
  • Kofi Kingston
  • Mankind
  • Naomi
  • Nikki Bella
  • Randy Orton
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Ricochet
  • Roman Reigns
  • Ronda Rousey
  • Samoa Joe
  • Sasha Banks
  • Sgt. Slaughter
  • Shawn Michaels
  • “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
  • The Rock
  • Triple H
  • Undertaker
  • Yokozuna

Some of the game’s more notable modes include a single-player career mode which has multiple branching story options, and a mode called King of the Battleground, which is essentially an online-based survival mode, with the goal being to survive as long as possible.

As of right now, it’s unclear whether or not 2K Battlegrounds will get a sequel, or if the developers will shift their attention back to the mainline WWE 2K series after 2K22 is released, presumably next fall, but there haven’t been any official details about the title since the summer when it was reported that it’s taking inspiration from WWF No Mercy and SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain.