Guard Duty Is A New Point-And-Click Comedy Adventure Headed For A Port On Xbox One, PlayStaton 4, And Nintendo Switch

Guard Duty Is A New Point-And-Click Comedy Adventure Headed For A Port On Xbox One, PlayStaton 4, And Nintendo Switch
Credit: Ratalaika Games via Youtube

Sick Chicken Studios, Ratalaika Games and Digital Tribe are proud to announce their upcoming point-and-click adventure port headed for consoles. The game released last year on Steam allowing fans the first glimpse at a story that stretches between time and space.

The game is played through the perspective of two life paths. One is a loyal castle guard who has gotten himself into trouble. The other is the story of Agent Starborn, who is on a journey to save the world. Together they play two parts of an intertwined story about evil, good, and the fate of all of humanity.

Guard Duty is a point-and-click adventure full of opportunity and excitement. Enjoy a world filled with humor and voiced with over 6000 lines of dialogue. The game is experienced through wonderful audio and handcrafted pixel art graphics. This game has enjoyed a unique life on Steam, and now that it approaches console audiences, it gains another life.

Tondbert is a loyal guard of the Castle of Wrinklewood. After an incident at the local pub, he finds that a hooded figure has slipped into the kingdom, kidnapped the princess, and brought evil into the land. This is an action that is sure to have consequences that stretch far into the future.

In the future, Agent Starbron, a member of a resistance group, embark on a last-ditch effort to take back Earth from an evil power. This evil originated in the depths of history, and is a quest older than time. The two character’s fates are completely intertwined with the fate of humanity resting solely on their shoulders.

Although this a point-and-click style game is designed with a 90’s spirit, it does come with some updated features. The inventory and puzzle design has been streamlined with an intuitive and logical interface. It is very much a retro game with a modern mentality.

Hundreds of detailed animations are found within this game. Each pixel is vital to the backdrop, and with the music and sounds, the game blends together perfectly. Mixed in with the graphics is over 30 musical compositions with hundreds of sound effects built-in.

Guard Duty is available on Steam right now. The console port is available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Interested fans can purchase the game for the price of $9.99 on all platforms. Enjoy a unique looking game and adventure that transcends time and brings together two different timelines into one amazing story.