New Modes Coming To Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Impact Game Difficulty And Add Extras To Photo Mode

New Modes Coming To Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Impact Game Difficulty And Add Extras To Photo Mode
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

Kingdom Hearts 3 is launching its first major DLC expansion later this month with Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind.

The DLC will contain new and exciting story elements taking place after the main quest has completed. Square Enix is also enhancing gameplay further with new and exciting game modes designed for players of all skill levels.

First off, there’s a new gameplay mode called Fast Pass Mode. It is an ultra easy mode designed for players who are more interested in the overall story of the game than the actual gameplay mechanics. There is currently an easy mode, but Fast Pass mode takes things a step further.

When playing under Fast Pass conditions, players will be able to one-shot kill most enemies. It also allows you to stack up a number of attractions and special command spells above the combat menu in order to make battles a total breeze.

The mode gets its name from the Disney Parks Fast Pass system, which allows guests to skip the line of an attraction and ride the ride faster.

On the other side of the coin, there’s also Black Code mode. This is intended for seasoned gamers who crave a challenge above all else. It allows players to tweak the difficulty up to an extra hard mode that goes beyond the game’s already challenging Critical Mode.

Using Black Code mode, players will also be able to dictate how much health they have, setting challenges for themselves to combat super hard bosses with little to no health stored up.

But not every mode has to do with combat and gameplay. There will also be an all new Photo mode.

Fans of Kingdom Hearts 3 will note that there was already a photo mechanic, in which they could take pictures and selfies with the gummy phone. However, that is being dialed up to 11 for the new version, with the ability to pose the characters as you see fit and throw in props and background effects for maximum shareability! Some of the props shown off were sparkles, a giant pancake, dream eaters, and even a Dusk!

There’s also a Slideshow mode, which allows you to show off all of the great images you’ve captured through Photo mode. You can add background music, zooms, transitions, and create a fun entertaining slideshow.

All of these new modes release alongside Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind. The DLC drops for PlayStation 4 on January 23 and will release for Xbox One on February 25.