A Free Update Called Silk Road Is Making Its Way To Payday 2 After Development Starts Up Again

A Free Update Called Silk Road Is Making Its Way To Payday 2 After Development Starts Up Again
Credit: OVERKILL Software via YouTube

The Payday series has been instrumental for co-op shooters overall. Where else can you go to partake in some epic heist action with a group of friends? The first game set the tempo and it was just revealed that a Payday 3 is on the way.

But let’s take a moment to put a spotlight on the sequel, Payday 2. It improved upon the original in every important department from the visuals to the shooting mechanics. Earlier this year, it was revealed that the development on the second game would resume after both the publisher and developer went through some rocky times. That didn’t stop both from getting together and continuing where they left off with this co-op shooter.

To celebrate this continued development, a free update is heading to the game called Silk Road. One of the main changes with this update is a new cosmetic system. You’ll get to select a custom mask and outfit for your character. The added customization options should make the bank-robbing experiences even more personal.

Imagine seeing your closest mates dressed in a unique way. It would make them the stand out even more, especially if your friends have a signature mask or outfit that they enjoy taking into each mission. Starting off, players will have six free outfits to choose from. You can bet Overkill Software will add more later this year or next to keep the content flow going.

Some new DLC is also coming with this update other than purely cosmetics. For example, the Cartel Optics Mod Pack lets players enjoy ten new weapon mods. Each one has a dramatic impact on gun performance, whether it’s with accuracy or power. Some of the included add-ons include grip, muzzle brake, and pistol sights.

Finally, a new heist is coming to Payday 2 that involves the border of Mexico. It gives squads plenty of objectives to complete while engaged in some illegal good smuggling.

If you’ve been with this game ever since the beginning, you’re probably jumping up for joy at the prospect of having new items and content to explore. Payday 2 has been through it all, but lately, the title seems to have a lot of momentum.

If Overkill and Starbreeze can continue to bring these sort of updates, there’s no reason why this game can’t see even more success. It really is an incredible heist experience that gives you a shot of gaming adrenaline, especially when you’re taking down banks with some friends.