Landflix Odyssey Is A Unique Action Platforming Adventure Set To Release On November 13th

Landflix Odyssey Is A Unique Action Platforming Adventure Set To Release On November 13th
Credit: Landflix Odyssey

This title is a unique retro experience that takes players into a platformer adventure. In Landflix Odyssey players will try to escape the land of LandFlix, a world created after Larry becomes trapped inside of a streaming service. To return home he must go on an epic journey and recover all five battles as he navigates the varying shows of the LandFlix platform.

This is a unique platformer that mixes familiar themes with a strange world. It is a 2D title that has a delightful pixel art style that is sure to engage and drive fans forward. Prepare for an epic adventure through the shows on your favorite streaming site, Landflix.

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In Landflix Odyssey players will enter the worlds of their favorite TV shows. Fight villains from several different shows based on real pop culture references. Somewhere in this strange land are several nuclear batteries which are what you need to go home.

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This game is clearly a reference to streaming platforms and TV shows. Players will have to navigate each set and use special power to overcome the dangers in every one of the strange shows.

This does mean the hero will be using magic swords, superpowers, drugs, and even crossbows as he tries to survive. In each world, he must follow the logic of that show making it a challenging adventure of knowing each reference.

There are five worlds in this game each inspired by a different show. The developers have pulled from some of hte most famous streaming TV shows to ever air. This does mean five abilities across the five worlds that make each level a unique and exciting experience.

Across these worlds are 10 bosses waiting to battle. Each boss is based on the lore of the show being referenced. If you know your shows and know your villains, you can predict what is to come and gain a slight advantage.

Still, this entire journey is an unforgettable experience. There are unique enemies and bosses on every level just waiting to be conquered and killed by this unique hero.

Of course, what kind of platformer would this be if there was not hidden content spread across every level.

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Landflix Odyssey is set to release on November 13th for PC via Steam. Enter into the land of the show and prepare for a unique journey unlike any before. This is why binge streaming may be dangerous for those who decide to use nuclear batteries.