My Memory of Us Is Now Available on iOS Devices From Indie Developer Juggler Games

My Memory of Us Is Now Available on iOS Devices From Indie Developer Juggler Games
Credit: My Memory of Us

This unique war-time title originally launched back in 2018. It introduced players to a war-torn world reminiscent of WWII. While My Memory of Us is about humans and a robot army, there is a definite resemblance to a real conflict that makes this an eerily familiar tale. Enjoy an adventure about friendship, loss, and more as you travel forward through the wartime adventure.

This title is now being ported by Virtual Programming to iOS devices. This lets the remarkable adventure turn into a mobile title and widen the audience of this award-winning game. Enter into the unique events that inspired this title and watch as the world goes up in flames around you.

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My Memory of Us is a fairy tale about friendship and hope that takes place during a dark time in human history. This is a hand-crafted animated 2D adventure that is full of exploration, stealth, and adventure. Two kids from different worlds become the best of friends, and once hte occupation starts it will take both of them to survive.

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The evil king has taken over the city and sent his robot soldiers everywhere. Citizens are immediately segregated, many are marked and forced to move in this unique title. Only through friendship can these two children survive the war world that they have just been thrown into.

Control two characters each with their own abilities. Connect them into a pair and make sure they both make it to the end of every level.

The girl can shoot her slingshot and run super fast. The boy sneaks around in shadows and is much smaller. Only together can their abilities shine as they overcome the trials of a world war.

Enter into a side-scrolling adventure about action, stealth, and logic puzzles. This is a unique platforming experience that has been loved across the internet.

The story is a moving and inspirational tale based on real events that happened in Warsaw during World War II. See if you can survive the grotesque tale of bittersweet humor as you try and survive the robotic uprising.

This title does take some darker tones but is still great for children of all ages. For more information be sure to explore the games steam page, website, and all the wonderful reviews that fans have left on this unique titles website.

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My Memory of Us is available on Steam and iOs devices. Only through careful execution can these kids make it to the end of the robotic war and live happily ever after.