Capcom Issues Troubleshooting Fix For Monster Hunter: World Players Unable To Access Certain Features

Capcom Issues Troubleshooting Fix For Monster Hunter: World Players Unable To Access Certain Features
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

In early January, Capcom released the first expansion for their massive monster-focused RPG, Monster Hunter: World. This expansion, Iceborne, came with a great variety of new monsters to hunt and territories to explore.

As massive as it is, there’s bound to be a few bugs. Capcom has been on quality control for a while now to make sure that the title stays functional and squash even the smallest of bugs. Many of these are focused on performance issues or crashing problems, and oftentimes the two are interlinked.

Today’s update comes with a focus on troubleshooting for PC users who have had issues entering their rooms to access customizable content, as well as a variety of other features. They aren’t able to offer a full fix just yet, unfortunately, and have only provided players with a temporary bandaid they can put over the issue while the team works to identify the problem and fix it properly.

The issue on hand is players being unable to enter their Seliana rooms, as well as the public rooms of other players, after updating to Version 11.50.00 of the game. This problem primarily only occurs in the first online session that a player creates or joins after starting the game, with the issue then disappearing afterwards.

As such, the obvious fix is the temporary one that Capcom has provided. If you run into this issue, Capcom suggests that you fix it by going to a quest counter and creating or joining a new online session. Doing so should refresh the game and cause the problem to go away.

Obviously, this is a pretty big hassle. The loading times of the game can be pretty sizable as well, so having to reload and rejoin a lobby just to be able to access your own room is more than a bit bothersome. Still, it fixes the issue enough that players can keep playing while Capcom finds a good fix.

Another issue that they’re stressing is for players to ensure that their version of the game is identical to the version that other online players in their group are using. Players using different versions of the game will not be able to play with each other. You can identify what version you’re using by looking in the bottom-right corner of the title screen.

Hopefully, Capcom is able to find a more permanent fix to the issue soon. Until then, players will have to continue refreshing their lobbies if they want to enjoy the full features of their Seliana rooms.