Latest Grand Theft Auto Online Update, The Diamond Casino Heist, Comes Along With Tons of Cool Arcade Games

Latest Grand Theft Auto Online Update, The Diamond Casino Heist, Comes Along With Tons of Cool Arcade Games
Credit: GTA Network via YouTube

Grand Theft Auto V has been continually putting out updates for its online multiplayer game, Grand Theft Auto Online, for the last few years. The latest update expands upon an earlier update that came out earlier this summer called The Diamond Casino and Resort, which added a whole new section of the city for players to enjoy and explore.

The latest patch will give players the opportunity to conduct a heist of the Diamond Casino, and to do that, players will need to open up an arcade as a front for the whole thing. The best part of the arcade is that it comes with actual arcade games that the players can play within the game. Here’s a list of what games are available.

The update includes 12 arcade games in total for the front for the heist, and players will be able to buy them all using the in-game currency Rockstar has made available for use. In total, the price for the games will cost players $3.2 million dollars in the game.

Many of the games are really old-school. We’re talking early ’80s pixels moving around on a screen. Those games are “Defend of the Faith,” “Monkey Paradise,” and “Penetrator.” The concept is usually to collect other pixels with a pixel or to swing around or shoot things. Really simple and easy.

Then there’s Invade and Persuade II, The Wizard’s Ruin, and Space Monkey 3, each of which is designed to play like more modern arcade games. In fact, The Wizard’s ruin simulates a sort of action RPG-like game and even features intro cutscenes! That’s a bit wild for a game inside of a game.

One of the funniest parts of this little game, The Wizard’s Ruin, is that the main character has an altered beast-like evolution ability that allows them to get stronger, but their nipples also get larger.

There are even a few racing games inside the arcade. One of them is Race + Chase: Street Legal. The whole point of this game is to, well, race. You take your car and drive around beating other players (which are, of course, just computers). It couldn’t be any simpler than that.

Diamond Casino Heist is already out now, so if you’re a PlayStation 4 Plus subscriber and you own Grand Theft Auto Online, be sure to give these little games a try. They aren’t exactly special or interesting, but they are fun if you like to play arcade games.