ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN Is A Unique Arcade Platformer Available via Steam Early Access

ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN Is A Unique Arcade Platformer Available via Steam Early Access
Credit: Bumblebear

From developer, BumbleBear Games comes an arcade action platformer titled ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN. This unique game is a single player adventure full of tricky platforming action. Escape undead hordes and watch the entire world be turned upside down.

This game was created to try and provide a new arcade competitive title for diehard fans. This is a procedurally genreated retro platformer that is tough as nails. Players will play as Abs, the most iconic hero in the Killer Queen franchise. Escape every pitfall and take down the Blood Queen.

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This is the first game in the Killer Queen franchise to be single-player. ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN is a 2D platformer that is build ontop of the Killer Queen engine. Run, fly, slay, and fight as you take down an undead horde of terrifying monsters.

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This game is about exploration so make sure to find your way through each procedurally genreated map. This is a unique challenge that constantly changes creating a one of a kind batlefield. Every time you die, the game changes creating a complicated situation for fans to conqour.

Score high on the leaderboard and showcase the triumphant number on the global leaderboard. Take on the daily challenge, find much needed bragging rights, and enter into a unique competitive enviroment full of action and bees.

This game stays true to the Killer Queen style as the controls are identicle. Players will be able to learn the controls easily, but series veterans will have a distinct advantage over newcomers.

This game will challenge players to navigate complicated maps, and find different ways to travel. From berries to snails to flying players ahve options, and exploring the map is the only good way of making those options known.

This game is designed to provide some entertainment relief during COVID-19. While the developers know that the arcade scene has been impacted by the disiese, this title is designed to help the game’s community pass the time till the pandemic is over.

This is a Early Access title so expect updates and changes as the developers improve the title. This game comes from developer BumbleBear Games who hs put a ton of love and expectations into this unique game.

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ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN is available on Steam for only $14.99. For more information be sure to explore the developer’s website and Steam page. There is tons of information including the origins of this unique title and franchise.