Making Friends And Throwing Spiders – More Essential Watch Dogs: Legion Tips

Making Friends And Throwing Spiders – More Essential Watch Dogs: Legion Tips
Credit: Ubisoft North America via YouTube

When you play Watch Dogs: Legion, you’re going to be doing a lot of fighting, hacking, exploring, and recruiting, and all of that is touched on a little bit with these additional tips and tricks. Our first handful of tips helped you get on your feet, while these will help you continue the fight.

Give Albion thugs a run for their money, make your DedSec buddies proud, and give your little spider friend a helpful boost.

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Save People From Albion Harassment

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Albion doesn’t hire the nicest people. If you hear someone in distress, they’re likely being harassed by some Albion goon. People will be arrested, questioned, or sometimes just flat out assaulted. This can be particularly brutal.

Given the open-world freedom, you can intervene and save the downtrodden or walk on by and go about your business. If you choose to save the person in trouble, however, they’ll remember that. Not only will they be easier to recruit, but their associates will, too. That hedge fund manager you just saved from a beating could have a super spy brother-in-law that would make an excellent DedSec operative.

Sometimes The Door Is Unlocked

In Legion, you’ll constantly find yourself scaling walls, hopping fences, flying on cargo drones, walking your spider drone through vents, and so on and so forth. It’s a very vertical game and more often than not you’ll need to do some exploring and puzzle solving to get inside of a building.

Sometimes, however, you can just walk through the front door.

This might sound like a silly tip, but the truth is that you’re going to spend so much time in the air and on rooftops that you might forget to check the door. If you can’t see any obvious way in, make sure you’re the door isn’t unlocked.

Always Be Scanning

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Scanning is a great way to highlight items of interest, particularly things that can be hacked. It’s not just for finding things, though. Sometimes you just can’t hack things, even if you know where they are. Sometimes you can even see the thing, but you can’t highlight it. When you send out a scan, however, everything lights up and becomes temporarily available.

If you find yourself in a position where you should be able to hack something and you just can’t locate it, send out a scan. Suddenly that unhackable camera you’re looking right at becomes hackable.

Use That Spider-Throwing Arm Of Yours

When you use your spider drone, you don’t have to just toss it on the ground in front of you. The operative can actually throw it, and despite who you’re playing as, they’ll have a pretty decent throwing arm.

This is helpful when you see a vent opening that’s out of reach. Instead of looking for a stack of crates for the spider to climb, see if you can’t toss it right into the vent. That will give your little buddy a headstart.